Meet Griffen Palmer: The Canadian Country Artist Everyones Been Talking About

country singer Griffen Palmer

It seems like everywhere you turn, you’re hearing and seeing Griffen Palmer. Whether it’s on TV appearances like ABCs The Bachelor, on the radio, or as a songwriter for other artists, Griffen is turning heads.

Griffen is a rising country-pop artist known for his catchy lyrics, heartfelt ballads, and impressive songwriting skills.

He gained International recognition after winning NBC’s Songland and working with high-profile Nashville artists like Florida Georgia Line and Keith Urban.

Despite his success, Palmer stays humble and remains focused on his craft … like the true Canadian he is. Originally from Ontario, he grew up with musical influences from pop-rock staples like John Mayer and Kings of Leon.

Having recently signed to Big Loud Records, the future is bright for this Pickering, Ontario artist.

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Griffen Talks to Us About His Career and Life On The Porch

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Griffen Palmer: The Early Years

Griffen Palmer grew up in Pickering, Ontario, where his father’s passion for music ignited his own love for the art form.

As a child, Palmer’s dad played in bands and encouraged him to learn instruments, jam with him, and sing along. His father’s influence introduced him to Top 40 hits and the high-energy music of bands like Journey and Def Leppard.

His sisters introduced him to the powerful sounds of female country artists such as Shania Twain.

Although Palmer was a little late to the game, it wasn’t until high school that he fell in love with country music.

He found joy in discovering new artists and exploring the genre’s rich history.

It was the storytelling and songwriting in country music that captured his heart. He felt that it had a way of reaching people on a personal level, touching on universal human experiences beyond just geography.

The impact of country music on Palmer was immense, serving as a significant inspiration for his own music career.

Signing A Publishing Deal With Big Loud Publishing and Winning NBCs Songland

Palmer signed his first publishing deal with Big Loud Publishing in 2019, joining their impressive roster of writers. Since then, he has collaborated with various artists, including The Band Camino, Chelsea Cutler, Mackenzie Porter, and Jade Eagleson.

In May 2020, Palmer won NBC’s Songland with his ballad, “Second Guessing,” and worked with Florida Georgia Line members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, as well as show producer Shane McAnally, to create a tailor-made version of the song for the duo.

Palmer’s talent for songwriting and performing developed through long cover sets in college bars, and his big break came when he was introduced to Geoff Warburton (known for his work with 5 Seconds of Summer and Shawn Mendes) at a house party. This meeting led to Palmer signing a management deal with Starseed Entertainment.

Griffen Palmer Signs A Record Deal With Big Loud Records

Early in 2023, it was announced that Griffen Palmer has signed a record deal with Big Loud Records. It’s the perfect partnership, especially with his publishing deal with the same company.

Through his four-hour cover sets and management deal with Starseed Entertainment, Palmer has honed his pen and performance skills, making him a promising addition to the Big Loud Records roster.

See the full announcement of him signing his record deal.

The Release Of “Second Guessing”

“Second Guessing” is a heartwarming and catchy love song that has captured the hearts of many listeners. 

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Originally performed by Griffen Palmer for the judges on Songland, then revamped by Florida Georgia Line in 2020. Fast forward to January 2023, Palmer released his own version as a way to catapult his solo career.

His version of “Second Guessing” features a smoother and more polished production than FGLs version. A music video was released to showcases the endearing nature of the lyrics. The song’s clever wordplay, with the title flipped into the key lyric, showcases Nashville’s penchant for witty songwriting. 

Griffen Appears on ABCs The Bachelor

Griffen Palmer appeared on an episode of The Bachelor on February 6th, 2023. The episode featured Palmer performing his hit song “Second Guessing,” which he had previously performed on NBC’s Songland, ultimately winning the competition with the song.

The episode features a serenade from Palmer during a special one-on-one date with the latest Bachelor, Zach Shallcross.

Palmer’s performance on The Bachelor was a significant moment for his career, as the show has a massive audience and provides a platform for emerging artists to gain exposure.

It was also a testament to the power of his songwriting skills and ability to connect with audiences through his music.

Following the episode, “Second Guessing” rose to the top of the iTunes charts, and Palmer gained a significant number of new fans and supporters.

Learn more about his performance on The Bachelor.

Griffen Palmer Builds On Previous Success With Single “25 To Life”

On March 10th, 2023, Griffen Palmer released “25 To Life”, the follow-up to his debut single “Second Guessing”.

Co-written with Geoff Warburton and produced by Joey Moi, the pop-infused track features Palmer’s vocals expressing his devotion to his partner. The catchy melody and relatable lyrics have made the song an instant hit with fans of both pop and country music.

The release of “25 to Life” also included a music video that brings the song’s theme of all-consuming devotion to life.

The track gives a glimpse into what Palmer’s highly anticipated debut album will be like.

Learn more about “25 To Life” in our full coverage of the song.

Griffen Palmer’s Discography

YearSong Title
2023“Second Guessing”
2023“25 To Life”

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