Griffen Palmer Charms Fans with Pop-Infused Love Song “25 to Life”

country singer Griffen Palmer

Griffen Palmer’s latest release “25 to Life” is a pop-infused love song that showcases his talent as both a songwriter and performer.

Co-written with GRAMMY-nominated songwriter Geoff Warburton and produced by studio ace Joey Moi, the track features Palmer’s smitten vocals as he confesses his love for a once-in-a-lifetime partner.

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The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics make it an instant hit with fans of both pop and country music. In the chorus, Palmer sings, “if loving you’s a crime, give me twenty five to life with you,” expressing his willingness to spend a lifetime with his loved one.

Watch The Music Video For “25 to Life”

This release also comes with a music video. “25 to Life” brings to life the all-consuming devotion that Palmer sings about.

The video’s visuals perfectly capture the song’s theme of being locked down in love.

As an up-and-coming artist, Palmer’s knack for songwriting and vocals are becoming increasingly evident. His debut single “Second Guessing” has already gained popularity and been performed on ABC’s The Bachelor. Now, “25 to Life” continues to preview what is to come on Palmer’s highly anticipated debut album, set to release later this year.

Listen To Griffen Talk About This One

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Currently on tour with labelmate Lily Rose, Palmer’s versatile style and drive are on full display in his live performances. With his star on the rise, fans can expect to hear more from Griffen Palmer in the coming months.

Stream “25 To Life”


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