8 Canadian Country Drinking Songs to Get The Party Started!

country drinking songs for st paddy's day

St. Patrick’s Day is here! And if you’re looking for some wicked Canadian Country songs to drink to this year, look no further!

Here’s a list of my top 8 drinking songs to get your party started!

Country Drinking Songs To Start The Party

8. “Drink Along Song” – Gord Bamford

New single "Down" by Gord Bamford

Starting out with his latest hit single, Gord is bringing all the drinking vibes with this tune!

The title says it all and as soon as you take a listen, you’ll definitely want to be drinking along with this song.

So grab a glass, fill it up, and chug it, shoot it, or sip it!

This Alberta-raised country singer has won 26 CCMA awards, has had multiple JUNO nominations, and is the only two-time winner of Nashville’s CMA Global Country Artist of the Year award.

Be sure to drink along this St. Patrick’s Day!

7. “Wish You Were Beer” – The Reklaws ft. James Barker Band

Canadian country duo The Reklaws

If you’re drinking to get over someone this St. Patrick’s Day, this is the song for you.

This fun song was an easy add to the drinking playlist!

The Reklaws are known for their upbeat, party songs and this one is a clear fit.

Changing the classic “Wish You Were Here” phrase, The Reklaws are at an all-time high with “Wish You Were Beer.”

Fun Fact: The name “The Reklaws” is this sibling duo’s last name (Walker) backwards!

If you haven’t heard this one yet, it is a MUST add to your St. Patty’s drinking playlist!

6. “Red Wine Or Whiskey” – Alli Walker

Alli Walker - country artist

Our buddy Alli Walker’s “Red Wine or Whiskey” is one to add to your playlists when it’s time to party.

We all have our go-to drinks. And that go-to drink might change depending on what the plan is.

Sometimes you want a beer. Other times, you may need something a little stronger or something to help you get in your feels. Or maybe it’s a little tequila to get the party started.

Alli Told Us About Her Expert Bagpiping Skills

Whatever the occasion, this song almost gives us the blueprint for when you need red wine, and when you might need to break out the whiskey.

Whatever you’re drinking tonight, make sure you pick something that pairs nicely with some country music.

5. “Blame The Wine” – Teigen Gayse

Teigen Gayse "Blame The Wine"

This Canadian country girl has all the answers for any of your problems! Just blame the wine.

With another catchy tune that makes you wanna pour a glass, Teigen Gayse knows just what to say to make everything feel okay.

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And instead of just checking out the song, you NEED to check out the music video.

The video for this tune is so fun and includes many hidden gems such as another awesome country artist, Chris Buck as the party bus driver.

And of course, WINE!

Tegien Joined Us On The Porch: Have A Listen To Our Conversation

4. “Whiskey Thinks I Am” – Jade Eagleson

Canadian Country Artist Jade Eagleson

Another no-brainer including this catchy tune!

From his latest album Honkytonk Revival, Jade is without a doubt gonna get you up and dancing with this one. 

Anyone who drinks can relate to these wicked lyrics. And for St. Patrick’s Day, how could you go wrong with a little Irish whiskey?

Jade Eagleson is known for his neo-traditional country style, and topping charts with songs like “Got Your Name On It,” “Count The Ways,” and “More Drinkin’ Than Fishin” ft. Dean Brody (another artist on this list).

Break it down in your local honkytonk with this tune on the list.

3. “Honey Jack” – Madeline Merlo

Female country artist Madeline Merlo from Songland

This sultry song is the next addition to the list.

With her effortless vocals and seamless lyrics, Madeline is sure to make you want a Honey Jack shooter this St. Patrick’s Day.

This West Coast girl is truly making a name for herself in Canadian Country music.

Merlo appeared on the NBC show Songland, where her song “Champagne Night” was chosen by 7-time Grammy Award-winning group Lady A.

Madeline Talked To Us About The Experience Of Appearing On Songland

Let her guide the way through your party playlist!

2. “Stronger Beer” – Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks

This classic Tim Hicks song is for anyone who prefers an ice-cold beer over whiskey and wine.

It is a well-known fact that Canada has strong beer, and Tim makes that clear in this hit single.

Comparing all the differences between the USA and Canada, this fun song is a great listen when you wanna kick back, relax and drink a beer.

We Talk To Tim About How Audiences React To This Song

Hicks is all about those upbeat, party songs and has charted 18 top ten hits on the Canadian Country chart.

“Stronger Beer” is perfect for St. Patty’s Day this year!

1.  “It’s Friday” – Dean Brody ft. Great Big Sea

This collaboration is the ultimate addition for your drinking playlist!

Giving off St. Patrick’s Day vibes, Great Big Sea is a Canadian folk rock band from Newfoundland and Labrador and known for their traditional Newfoundland folk songs including sea shanties, which come from the island’s 500-year Irish heritage.

Dean Brody is a well-known Canadian Country artist with 16 CCMA Award wins and 2 JUNO awards.

These two incredible artists together make for the perfect collab on the song “It’s Friday.”

With over 7 million streams on Spotify, this hit party single talks about bands playing and taps flowing at the little country tavern where they spend their Friday nights!

Honourable Mention. “Ain’t Enough Whiskey” – Kalsey Kulyk

Kalsey Kulyk's new song "Bad Liar"

“Ain’t Enough Whiskey” is a little bit of a different vibe from Kalsey Kulyk.

It’s a fun song that’s about not taking an ex back, claiming there “Ain’t enough whiskey in this bar” to convince her otherwise.

Kalsey Joined Us For A Chat On The Porch

“As soon as I walked out of writing ‘Ain’t Enough Whiskey,’ I knew I wanted to record it,” says Kulyk of the tune. “It was such a fun, upbeat and catchy song that I just loved. It’s also super relatable, cause who doesn’t love throwin’ a dog at someone who did you wrong?”

This is a fun song to throw on to your playlists as a reminder when you’re going out … DON’T text your ex back!

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