Country Artist Parker Graye Gets The Biggest Surprise

Parker Graye Finds out she's playing boots & hearts

Playing at large music festivals is every artists dream. That’s no exception for Parker Graye. She has been vocal about her desire to play at the Boots & Hearts Music Festival, which takes place in her hometown.

The organizers of Boots & Hearts are fans of Parker and her music, and had an idea …

The festival team contacted us to see if we could think of a way to help them break the news to her.

We immediately got to work …

We set up an interview with Parker. We told her she was going to be interviewed as one of our “Artists To Watch in 2023” … but little did she know, there was no interview.

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Brooke Dunford, the talent buyer for Boots & Hearts, joined us in that “interview” to surprise Parker. Eventually, Brooke popped the question … “Parker, what are you doing Boots & Hearts weekend? Do you want to come play?”

Parker went silent …

She was in complete shock … she went through every emotion known to man in the course of about 30 seconds. She went from shock, to disbelief, to full crying, and then screaming with joy.

She obviously said “yes.”

We caught this all on video. You have to see her reaction – but get the tissues ready, her emotions are contagious.

Watch Parker Graye Get The Surprise Of A Lifetime

It was an emotional moment and we were all thrilled to have been able to capture this moment.

Parker expressed her gratitude and said that this surprise was a dream come true. She’s a talented artist, and we can’t wait to see her take the stage on August 11.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss this. So, grab your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Listen To Our Conversation With Parker When She Joined Us On Our Podcast

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