We’re “Making Room” for Toronto’s Steven Taetz

country/folk artist Steven Taetz

Steven Taetz recently released his single “Making Room” from his upcoming album Late Bloom.

This track will is one that will leave its mark forever.

Starting this single strong with a sassy melody, we get introduced to Taetz’s smooth and velvety vocals. The way he matches the tune with his vocals is what makes this track one of a kind. The visualizer for this track really puts you in the Americana genre and the monochrome adds to the sassy-ness of the track!

Watch The Visualizer For “Making Room”

Taetz is celebrating and fully embracing his queer identity by making this track a clear statement on how he will take up space anywhere without anyone’s permission and not shy away from who he is. This is super inspirational for anyone to fully claim who they are and to be unapologetically themselves.

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The lyrics that has been clipped to my heart is “if I can’t count you in, I got to count you out,” which can be heard right before the first chorus. It doesn’t matter who you are, but this can resonate with anyone as you will always need a partner that you can count on to have your back and to support you in anything.

Thank you, Steven, for putting out this track and reminding us that we deserve the world!

Whatever you do, just make sure you add this song to your rotation and follow Steven Taetz on Instagram to follow him for future releases!

About Steven Taetz

Steven Taetz is a Toronto based singer/songwriter and bandleader.

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He has written for many international artists whom are signed on to large labels. His music ranges from dance to jazz and currently Americana/folk, and he makes all of them work for him.

His talent is one that is always going to be remembered whether you started listening to him in 2012 or if you started now.

Stream “Making Room” by Steven Taetz

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