“Country Dance”: Aaron Goodvin’s Infectious Beats Get You Off Your Feet This Summer!

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Alberta-born, Nashville-based award winning singer-songwriter Aaron Goodvin has released a brand new song today. “Country Dance” is here to get you off your feet and moving this summer.

Playfully referring to “Country Dance” as the sequel to the smash “Lonely Drum”, Goodvin admits he can’t dance, but he sure can get everyone else on their feet!

From his double-platinum selling smash single “Lonely Drum” to his latest release, “Country Dance,” Goodvin proves that he can create music that inspires and brings joy, even if he can’t dance to it.

Getting Folks Off Their Feet With “Country Dance” 

Co-written with Catt Gravitt and Skip Black, the same creative force behind “Lonely Drum,” the song is a nod to Goodvin’s desire for a sequel to his dance-inspiring hit. 

The inspiration for “Country Dance” emerged as Goodvin joked about his inability to perform the “Lonely Drum” line dance, despite its global popularity. Interestingly, the title of the song itself was not decided until the chorus was complete, highlighting the playful and spontaneous nature of its creation.

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In “Country Dance,” Goodvin’s signature blend of modern country and gritty soulful vocals shines through. The song not only showcases his musical talents but also the quirky nature many fans love about Aaron Goodvin. By embracing his limitations on the dance floor and inviting fans to join him, Goodvin aims to create a lighthearted and joyful atmosphere that resonates with listeners on a personal level. 

His infectious spirit and genuine enthusiasm are the driving forces behind the song’s appeal, encouraging everyone to let loose and have fun.

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A Full Summer On The Road

As summer rolls in, fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience the electrifying live performance of “Country Dance” firsthand. Goodvin will be playing at festivals across Canada and the U.S., spreading his infectious energy and creating memorable moments on stage. 

His ability to connect with the audience on a personal level sets him apart as an electrifying live performer.

More About Aaron Goodvin

Aaron Goodvin’s success extends beyond his dance-inducing hits. With three critically acclaimed albums, two number one singles, and several top 10 hits under his belt, Goodvin has carved a place for himself in the country music industry. His talent has earned him accolades, including the 2018 CCMA Songwriter of the Year Award and a 2020 JUNO Award nomination for Country Album of the Year. Goodvin’s down-to-earth nature and relatable songwriting resonate with fans worldwide, drawing them in with his sincere storytelling and gritty soulful voice.

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