7 Country Songs To Add To Your Workout Playlist Right Now!

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Another January has passed and you, like many, have fallen off the resolution train and did not clock in your daily workouts. It’s a new month, and it’s time to set some new goals … ones that are motivating and achievable. You can’t do that without some fresh tunes to add to your workout playlist.

You’re in luck! We have put together a workout playlist featuring various Canadian country artists upbeat and motivating hits that are sure to keep you on track. Here’s some of our favourites you need to add to your workout playlist stat!

Country Tracks To Add To Your Workout Playlists

1. “Bring Down The House” by Dean Brody

*suave whisper* Banjo… To kick off this workout, Dean Brody whispers the lead instrument in this toe-tapping hit that will be sure to get you pumped up.

Throw in your headphones, put on your favourite pair of camo bike shorts (y’all hashtag this), and let’s get that heart rate up!

2. “Genes” by Elyse Saunders

Adding Elyse’s “Genes” to your workout regime will get the endorphins and serotonin soaring.

This song is the pep talk we need to keep us moving. With lyrics that remind you to love yourself down to your “Genes”, you’ve got the good times running through your veins throughout your training session.

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3. “Here Comes the Thunder” by Tim Hicks

Kick it up a notch with Tim Hicks and “Here Comes the Thunder”.

Better look out, Tim brings the thunder, but you are bringing the lightning today!

Play hard, take names, and roll out some of your best reps. This powerhouse track is just the storm you need to ramp up your exercise.

4. “What the Truck” by The Reklaws ft Sacha

Put it in to drive!

At this point in your workout you are thinking, “what the truck did I sign myself up for?” A healthy lifestyle and a lot of body pain tomorrow, but it’s worth it!

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Life’s a ditch, keep on truckin’.

5. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain

This song should make you want to kick down a door the minute you hear “Let’s Go Girls”.

If it doesn’t, it will at least keep you motivated through your workout.

Add this to your playlist and you will be strutting fiercely on the treadmill.

6. “Nothin’ I Don’t Love About You” by Jess Moskaluke

As you’re pushing to the end of your exercise, Jess Moskaluke brings some heat with this track.

From your head down to your … running shoes, these lyrics are a great reminder to be yourself and to have fun with your exercise regime.

Besides the lyrics, the back-beat will have you humming along while pumping some iron.

7. “Relationship Goals” by Steven Lee Olsen

SLO has Relationship goals, and you’ve got gym goals!

This is a good cool down song. Good vibes throughout the verses, then picking it back up for a catchy chorus.

Steven Lee Olsen will leave you excited about your new routine and beaming head to toe. 

Honourable Mention. “Tall Boys” by Josh Ross

You may recognize the person on the cover of the Country Music Workout playlist … it’s Josh Ross running!

Josh is no stranger to hitting the gym. In fact, his Instagram stories often provide motivating videos of him in the gym. So if you need some extra motivation, check out @JoshRossMusic for #GymGoals.

His single “Tall Boys” will get you through the toughest parts of your workout.

Follow Along With The Front Porch Country Workout Playlist

Now, you can’t just workout to these 7 songs. You need a full playlist!

So we’ve put together a full playlist of some great Canadian country songs to workout to. Follow along on the Front Porch Country Workout Playlist on Spotify.

Front Porch Music Contributor Meghan MacKay
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