Parker Graye Transports Us To Western Heartbreak With New Single “Cowboys Go”

Parker Graye's new single "Cowboys Go"

Emerging Canadian country singer Parker Graye is capping her year off with today’s release, “Cowboys Go.”

Staying ever so true to her “saddie baddie” roots, Graye delivers another heart-tugging ballad that showcases her soft but strong, emotional vocals.

“​​If you enjoy being transported to a dreamy, western, sad girl world, this is definitely for you!” says Parker.

Pulling you into the story, she’s helped us to figure out that cowboys were OGs at ghosting. The draw of a cowboy with their charm and mystery will certainly get some hooked, knowing they’ll soon be gone.

Co-written with Nashville-based songwriters Bo Armstrong and Colton Venner, their writing session involved a lot of catchy hook ideas, but when they landed on this one, they knew they were making a great song.

Parker Joined Us For A Chat On The Porch To Talk About Sad Country Music

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““Cowboys Go” really taps into my lack of optimism when it comes to a connection. My jaded, sad girl heart has been in love and let down many times and I often battle the push and pull of allowing myself to fall all the way in or not involving myself at all.”

Parker Graye's New Single "Cowboys Go"

Those of us who are cynical about love find comfort in a story like this. Embracing the good while it’s here, but always waiting for the worst – delivered in a heart-gripping, honest soulful track.

“I co-wrote this song with my two Nashville based friends, Bo Armstrong and Colton Venner. During the session we riffed off so many strong hook ideas but the moment we came onto this one, in a weird, magical way I knew this would be my next single.”

Parker has made it a primary goal to actively work with more women in the industry. “Cowboys Go” was produced by Kate Malone and mastered by Gabi Grella.

Check out “Cowboys Go” by Parker Graye on all streaming platforms. While you’re there, stream her 2021 releases “Before You Leave” and “Last Time.

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