Parker Graye Sends Off Summer With Sad Girl Bop “One That Got Away”

Parker Graye "One That Got Away"

Whether you’ve been through the wrenching experience of a breakup or you find yourself dwelling on a relationship that slipped through your fingers, Parker Graye’s latest release, “One That Got Away,” hits right at the heart of those emotions. 

Making her Boots and Hearts Music Festival debut, Parker shared “One That Got Away” with a crowd of fans, hometown friends, and country music lovers. It’s safe to say, this one’s a banger.

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Getting Into “One That Got Away”

“One That Got Away” is for those people who feel like maybe one of their past relationships slipped through the cracks.

The song encapsulates that bittersweet sensation we all know too well – the ache of reminiscing about a lost love and wondering about the what ifs. “One That Got Away” doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable questions we ask ourselves when we ponder the past. Is it unhealthy to hold onto these thoughts? Is it better that they were one that got away?

“One That Got Away” encapsulates the universal feeling of contemplating the past and facing the future with a hint of optimism. Parker Graye’s music gives a voice to those emotions, allowing us all to find solace in shared experiences and catchy melodies.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Kelsea Ballerini and Alana Springsteen, Parker Graye delivers a catchy and relatable tune in the pop-country genre. The single was co-written with Dan Botch and Garrett Ward.

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More About Parker Graye

Parker Graye has been making waves in the country music scene with her captivating songwriting and sad girl brand of country music. Garnering over 3.9 million streams across platforms, her presence is hard to ignore. Her previous single, “Good At Gettin’ Gone,” climbed to #39 on the Canadian Country Radio charts, solidifying her first Top 40 single.

Parker Joined Us On The Porch: Listen to Us Talk About Sad Music

Recognized as an iHeartRadio Future Star earlier this year, Parker Graye’s talent and authenticity shine through her music. Parker was also a 2023 Artist to Watch by UpStar Music, Countrypolitan Magazine, Front Porch Music and Worlds of Country,

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