Dean James: From Cover Artist to Emerging Country Musician

Dean James

Dean James, an up and coming artist, originally from Peterborough Ontario, has been celebrating the release of his latest single, “Take My Time On You”.

Years of fronting cover bands prepared him for the stage, but it also redirected him to creating original music. He moved from Peterborough to Georgia, to Nashville, back to Peterborough, and finally Kitchener, which he, his wife and their son now call home.

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His adventures have led him to pursue a career as a country artist and partnering with Matt Black on the launch of Blackboot Records.

From Peterborough To Georgia To Nashville

Born and raised in Peterborough, Dean James grew up influenced by his grandfather who played in a traditional country music band. Dean spent summers playing at festivals with the “old people” even when he was quite young.

It was his grandfather who primarily taught Dean to play guitar.

Dean moved to Georgia at the age of eighteen with his father, who’s work landed him there. Georgia is where he graduated high school and briefly pursued university, before setting his sights on Music City and Broadway.

He worked on Broadway at Tootsie’s for a year, and thanks to playing with his grandfather for years, Dean had any country cover you could think of cued up for request. Although the experience provided valuable insights into performing and an opportunity to showcase his skills, he did find himself getting tired of playing “Wagon Wheel”.

Nights on Broadway helped Dean to discover that while he loved the grind, he did want to pursue the songwriter journey and work on original music.

Dean says, “I want to show people that I’m not just a cover artist anymore. I’ve been the cover guy, the cover band, and now I’m ready to be an artist.”

Returning Home To Pursue His Dream

Returning to his hometown of Peterborough, Dean immersed himself in the local music scene, and found himself traveling to Kitchener to play at venues like Dallas NightClub and the Stampede Corral.

It was Kitchener where he would meet his wife and decide to move there full-time.

Writing did not come naturally to Dean, whose better subjects were math and science. “Even in high school. I could ace every science and math course, but English was just a pass,” says Dean.

However, he recognized the importance of songwriting and embraced it as a skill that needed nurturing. 

He diligently worked on honing his writing abilities, emphasizing that it required practice, persistence, and acceptance of failures.

Over time, his efforts paid off, and he began to write songs that resonated with him personally and connected with others.

The Whiskey Jam Experience and Blackboot Records

Having experienced the renowned Whiskey Jam in Nashville as an audience member, Dean felt an overwhelming sense of awe when he had the opportunity to perform there himself earlier this year. Sharing the stage with artists he admired and looked up to was a surreal experience and felt somewhat full circle, looking back at his time spent on Broadway.

Dean is now embarking on a new project with Matt Black, establishing Blackboot Records. Their aim is to support young artists in navigating the music industry, recognizing the challenges that often hinder aspiring musicians.

This exciting venture promises to provide opportunities for emerging talents to kick-start their careers.

Dean’s recent venture includes the release of two noteworthy songs, “I’ll Always Do” and “Take My Time On You,” with more music on the horizon, including an EP he hopes to release later this year.

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