Meadows Music Festival in Fergus Were Host To James Barker Band, Jade Eagleson, SACHA and more

Jade Eagleson at Meadows Music Festival

The nights are longer, the warmer weather is here, and so festival season has begun! We recently had the chance to check out Meadows Music Festival in Fergus, Ontario. This fest was hosted by the Farm League Brewing Company. 

Friday June 2, 2023 we were on site for what ended up being a full-house-start to a first year festival. With almost 5,000 people on the grounds by night’s end, it was good taste of summer music season. 

Taylor Moore Band

Taylor Moore Band at Meadows Festival

Local singers and brothers the Taylor Moore Band kicked things off with a 45 min set from original music to covers of Folsom Prison to Tyler Childers “White House Road”. Taylor and Drew grew up in a house with parents who have helped develop them into solo artists and well known musicians throughout Centre Wellington and surrounding communities.


Sacha playing guitar

With a short break, next up to the stage was SACHA playing to the crowd and getting everyone involved in singing and dancing. SACHA also made a point to talk about her love for growing up in small town Ontario which really resonated with the people at the festival.

Her way of interacting with fans and getting people moving helped draw everyone into what the night was going to bring. 

Nate Haller

Nate Haller on stage with a guitar

Following up Sacha was Waterloo’s own Nate Haller. Repping a pair of crocks, shorts and a trucker cap, Nate was already feeling that summer festival vibe.

Performing with high energy and pointing to friends and family who were there to see the local, Nate performed his hits like “Party in The Back” & “Lighting In A Bottle”. The day was a huge welcome back to the area for him. After his set, he headed off stage and greeted his friends, family, and fans. 

Jade Eagleson

Jade Eagleson Waving his hands in the air

Up next was Jade Eagleson to help play as the sun set over the festival.

He played it all … from his brand new hit “Rodeo Queen” (co-written with Daryl Scott), to his very own cover of “Steal My Girl” by One Direction, Jade put his vibes and stamp on the first-year-festival and the crowd was fired up. 

James Barker Band

James Barker Band on stage

As the stage was set, sun was down and the crowd had completely moved in, headliner James Bark Band ran up on stage. A huge welcome from the fans in the front row dressed in JBB gear to the cheers at the back, the boys opened with a fitting “Chills” to start the set as it seemed fans had chills to see them right in Fergus Ontario. 

The guys followed up with all their well known hits, their brand new single “Day On The Water” which features Dalton Dover and a special Taylor Abram Melody of some well-know hits from bands like Blink-182, and Jimmy Eat World. It was “New Old Trucks” to “Meet Your Mama”, autographs and pictures with fans. A very memorable night in Fergus. 

The second part of the Festival which took place on Saturday was host to bands like Boy Golden, Rural Alberta Advantage and Headliner The Sheepdogs. Over all, the weekend was huge success.

It’s official and the very first Meadows Music Festival is in the books and the feedback has been amazing. Fans of country music were out in full support and showed up in numbers to see some of the best music to come out of Canada.

Festival season is here and it has started with a big roar in a small town. These small community concerts really bring to the surface what the heart of country music is all about. 

Image Gallery From Meadows Music Festival in Fergus

Junior Walker Photographer for Front Porch Music
Junior Walker

Concert photography is what I was meant to do. My background in music allows me to shoot from an understanding of being on stage, and gives me a different vantage point while I'm shooting. Music has always been a huge part of my life and will forever hold a permanent place in mine and my children's lives.

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