Alli Walker Responds to Morgan Wallen With “Sand In My Boots (Female POV)”

Alli Walker - country artist

Alli Walker is back with a song that directly responds to Morgan Wallen in her version of “Sand In My Boots (Female POV)”.

Typically, when you hear a song, or you’re listening to your favourite music, there’s one task that you get enrolled in even without knowing it … generally lost in thought.

A story inside a song usually allows you to relate to your own experiences, draw reference from something you’ve been through, or it puts your mind in the position of drawing up what you think the story looks like.

For Alli Walker’s newest song “Sand In My Boots” that’s not the case.

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Alli has dropped her own personal point of view to a Morgan Wallen song holding the same name “Sand In My Boots” which was released in 2021. “Sand In My Boots”, the original, written by Hardy, Josh Osborne and Ashley Gorley finds Morgan Wallen heartbroken after a girl he met on vacation doesn’t come home with him.

Wallen thought their affair was the start of a romantic relationship, but it turns out it was just a beach fling.

Watch The Lyric Video To “Sand In My Boots (Female POV)”

After getting the go-ahead, Alli dropped her own version of the song in November of this year which gives the listener the other side of the Romance. Alli matched this song perfectly pulling reference to specific events and moments in Wallen’s song that allows the listener to tie the whole story together.

Walker, who was recently featured on the cover of Apple Music’s Canada’s Country Playlist, shines a light on Wallen’s song bringing a full circle feel to both versions of the song being tied together.

We Chatted With Alli Earlier This Year On The Porch

Amazingly, we have the ability to draw up our own conclusions to songs and stories we hear, but Alli has done the leg work for us. If you haven’t already streamed Walker’s take on the song, make sure you go and follow up to see just where this story takes you.

Whether you’ve dealt with break up, long distance relationships or just have a memory from the one time that you thought would end different, these two songs together, give us as the listener a full story of a romance that didn’t go as planned.

As for the ending, you’ll have to listen to find out!

Stream “Sand In My Boots (Female POV)” By Alli Walker

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