[ON THE PORCH BONUS EPISODE] Best Moments From Season 1

Top moments of Season 1 "On The Porch with Front Porch Music"

Season 1 of our podcast On The Porch with Front Porch Music consisted of 22 episodes. 22 episodes where we talked to some of Canada’s biggest artists and top emerging talent.

There were so many great moments and we wanted a way to share some of the moments that stood out from season 1.

So the producer and editor of the podcast, Jason, decided to put together an episode that features moments from the podcast.

We had so many great moments … moments that made us laugh, made us emotional, and gave us insight into the music industry and the stories behind the songs. Jason picked out a handful of stories from our interviews and created this bonus episode.

Our best moments include clips from interviews with Hunter Brothers, Dustin Bird, Elyse Saunders, Taylor-Rae, Alli Walker, Owen Riegling, Riley Taylor, Dani Strong, and Nate Haller.

Be sure to give this episode a listen wherever you get your podcasts, or further down on this post.

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So we have made big plans for season 2. The New Year will bring more great conversations with some of Canada’s biggest artists, and the independent artists at the forefront of the industry. We will be back in the second week of January bigger and better!

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See a list of all our previous episodes of the podcast and have a listen.

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Logan Miller - Front Porch Music Founder
Logan Miller

As the founder of Front Porch Music, I believe that music has the ability to connect people. I love country music, and I love the country music industry as a whole. My goal is to help music fans find new artists to fall in love with.

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