A Woman Can Be Whatever She Wants In Mackenzie Leigh Meyer’s New Single “Barbie Doll”

"Barbie doll" Mackenzie Leigh Meyer

Sassy, yet poetic and unapologetically herself as usual, Mackenzie Leigh Meyer returns with her latest single, “Barbie Doll”.

After a year of the “Dial Tone” era, which included the single crushing one million streams, a hilarious music video, a CMA Ontario nomination for Roots Artist Of The Year, and multiple slots at CCMA Country Music Week Showcases, Mackenzie Leigh Meyer is leaving 2022 with “Barbie Doll”.

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Barbie Doll Packs A Punch With Messaging

A way with words is an understatement as Meyer delivers a powerful message; one many of us share. We’re fed up with society trying to fit us into the confines of what they want a “woman” to be.

Riding solo when penning the lyrics to “Barbie Doll”, Mackenzie makes it very clear in the chorus;

“Whoever said small and sweet and simple got it all wrong. Yeah a woman can be whatever she wants.

Honey the role you’re tryna to throw onto us all is getting old

Dontcha know, we ain’t all barbie dolls.”

On the messaging behind “Barbie Doll”, Mackenzie says via Instagram, “I rarely wear clothes that are revealing, anywhere, due to the fear of being slut-shamed, or attention seeking, or berated by people who think I don’t have the body type to wear the outfit I’d picked, or worse, torn down by myself for that same reason.”

She highlights that she knows this isn’t a feeling she uniquely experiences.

“These feelings are not exclusively to me, and that is the reason I wrote this tune. No one should be shamed into catering to someone else’s preconceived constructs and preferences in order to love themselves.”

Mackenzie Leigh Meyer Stays Consistent

Mackenzie Leigh Meyer is a leading figure in the Ontario-based indie country music scene. 

What makes her stand out?

Cheeky lyrics, unique melodies, and her infectious personality when she gets behind the mic. You can really tell when an artist is singing something they believe in and you can certainly tell when they’re “putting on a show” versus sharing their personality in their show. Mackenzie does just this – she lets the audience in, gives us a little bit about her and her music, and leaves people wanting more.

Whether she’s plucking away at the guitar as she sings a cheeky tune like “Dial Tone”, throwing Pit Vipers on with the band while they jam to some of her favourite covers, or she’s stripping in back to a crowd favourite of hers like “Before You”, she knows how to work the crowd and have fun.

We can’t wait to see how Mackenzie brings “Barbie Doll” and more new music to life on stage in 2023.

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You can listen to “Barbie Doll” on our Women In Country and  Top Indie Country playlists.

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