Desiree Dorion’s Album “That’s How I Know”: A Compelling Blend of Serious and Fun-Loving Country Music

Country artist Desiree Dorion

Canadian country artist Desiree Dorion has released her latest album, That’s How I Know. The album showcases her ability to tell stories that are both relatable and impactful, with lyrics that range from emotional to humorous.

That’s How I Know is a collection of songs that showcases many different sides of Desiree and beautifully shines a light on her voice and talent.

Desiree’s new album, That’s How I Know, addresses issues of a more serious nature while still maintaining her classic fun-loving spirit.

The album features clever lyrics that deliver universal messages both directly and metaphorically. Desiree collaborated with two of her favourite Canadian artists on the album, Dave Wasyliw and Crystal Shawanda, on the singles “Wouldn’t That Be Fun?” and “Sometimes I Drink”, respectively.

The album also features Desiree’s most personal single to date, entitled “Love You to Death”, a poignant ballad about setting boundaries with a loved one in the throes of alcohol addiction.

The song is extremely personal and describes the painful decision to place parameters on a relationship with someone she deeply cares for. Working with Steve Mitchell to bring the song to life, “Love You to Death” features haunting instrumentation designed to capture the essence of the hollow and empty feelings the artist faced.

This project marks her strongest, most biographical release to date.

It’s over two years in the making and showcases Desiree’s skillful mastery of her craft. With her ability to move between serious and light-hearted topics, Desiree’s brand-new album firmly places the artist among the top storytellers in Canada, solidifying her spot as a trailblazing, creative force in the Canadian country music landscape.

About Desiree Dorion

She has been recognized with a JUNO nomination, six appearances on Canada’s Top 100 Country Charts, and the “Songwriter of the Year” award from the Manitoba Country Music Association.

She has collaborated with some of her favourite songwriters, including Doc Walker’s Dave Wasyliw, and Crystal Shawanda, an artist she has admired since childhood.

Desiree is also a mother, a working lawyer, and a trusted voice within the Indigenous community.

As a proud member of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation, she represents an often-overlooked side of music, and is frequently invited to speak on important issues within the Indigenous community in Canada.

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She recently partnered with the Canadian Country Music Association to host the Achimotak Series, a conversation between Indigenous artists about their experience in the industry, and is an artist ambassador with the Downie Wenjack Foundation.

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