Get Ready to Feel the Heartbreak This Valentine’s Day with Doug Folkins’ Newest Single “Heaven and Back”

Doug Folkins Album art "Heaven and Back"

“Heaven and Back” is the newest track from British Columbia-based singer-songwriter Doug Folkins.

Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Heaven and Back” flips the script on classic breakup songs. It’s about going through hell as the singer realizes just how good he had it when they were together.

The track is sure to appeal to fans of Jordan Davis & Chris Young with its uptempo contemporary country vibe. Its bittersweet lyrics rub up against a sing-along chorus that’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head on the first listen.

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The first verse has our hero going through all the little things that his sweetheart left behind after they broke up that remind him of her. A footprint in his car, a sweater in his closet, a song on the radio.

On the chorus, Doug sings that the character in the song has been through heaven and back, playing cleverly on the traditional tropes of a breakup song.

The second verse is all about his life before he met her and how he’s sad he threw away a future with her, singing “I thought we were going to settle down/But all I did was let her down”.

“Heaven and Back” is available on all streaming platforms, and also hits radio stations today.

About Doug Folkins

Doug is based out of Vancouver Island, but makes regular writing trips to Nashville. Doug works with many hit makers, rising indie artists, and recognized Canadian artists such as: Aaron Goodvin, Don Amero, Buck Twenty, Hailey Benedict, Wes Mac, Makayla Lynn and Chris Buck.

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As an artist, Doug has been recording and releasing his own music since 1999 and has performed over a thousand live shows. Doug is the Canadian representative for the Global Songwriters Connection as well as an active FACTOR juror.

You can keep up with Doug on his website,, and by following his socials, linked below. We also have an exclusive artist interview with Doug coming out next week, so keep your eyes on the Front Porch Music website and social media feed.

Twitter: @dougfolkins
Facebook: @dougfolkinsmusic

Stream “Heaven & Back” by Doug Folkins

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