Emilie Roberts Reveals What Makes Her “Nervous” In Latest Single

Emilie Roberts country artist from Newcastle ontario

We’ve all been there … the thought of talking to the person you have a crush on can be paralyzing! And that’s what Emilie Roberts’ latest single “Nervous” is all about.

From Newcastle, ON, Emilie Roberts is a talented young artist that’s starting to make waves within the Canadian country industry. In “Nervous”, this 19 year old artist sings about everything other teenagers can relate to. It’s about love, relationships, being shy and taking risks.

‘Nervous’ is a song that people can relate to,” Emilie says. “The song is about when you see your crush and want to talk to them but you get extremely nervous around them.”

Stream "Nervous" by Emilie Roberts

Speaking to the lyrics, Emilie says: “My favorite lyrics from “Nervous” is “Why am I always overthinking my every move”. Definitely something everyone can relate to when thinking about their crush.

The song starts off with heavy guitars and drums, and softens when Emilie’s vocals come in. It’s almost a shy and timid introduction to the song. But when the chorus comes in, Emilie’s vocals shine. It’s impossible not to bob your head along with the beat. It’s a song that will be a great addition to any summer playlist.

Emilie is a unique artist. Her music is rooted in traditional country, but infused with pop influences. The song has a great beat and catchy lyrics that people can relate to. “Nervous” was produced by our friend Jordan Honsinger and written by Madeline Merlo, Emma Lee and Jimmy Thow. Those are some of country music’s heavy-hitting songwriters. It’s no wonder this song is so catchy!

Be sure to stream “Nervous” by Emilie Roberts on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Nervous” By Emilie Roberts

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