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Female country artist Paige Rutledge

Oakville-grown country singer Paige Rutledge has been busy throughout 2020 and early 2021. The singer-songwriter released two singles last year … “Without Me” in the Winter, and “Take Me Back to Tiki” in late Fall.

Rutledge is back with her first single of 2021. “Broken Record” is out now and available for streaming everywhere you get you musicl!

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Rutledge has always been a fan of country music, with Shania Twain heavily influencing her sound and direction. She loves how Shania could effortlessly blend country-pop, and incorporate elements that brought life to her music. She’s always appreciated the authenticity and storytelling that the country music genre is able to capture. Some of the best in the industry are incredible storytellers.

When writing, Rutledge’s goal is to be honest and tell stories that she can relate to, so that when she performs and people listen to her music, they can really connect with it.

Her Latest Single “Broken Record”

Rutledge’s latest single, “Broken Record” is her first kick with a drum-driven, pop-country track. Written by Canadian songwriters, Emma Lee, Kira Isabella, and Karen Kosowski, Rutledge connected with the song immediately when she heard it.

“I immediately fell in love with the song. I knew it had to be my next single.”

Broken Record has given her an opportunity to showcase her bubbly, fun personality through music, and explore herself as a performer.

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What’s Next For Paige Rutledge

She spent early 2020 like many artists, learning about what remote work would be like, learning to pivot, and connecting with audiences in a different way. With the extra time brought by the pandemic, she thought she might as well try some new things and figure it out. She reflected on what she had done up to that point in her career, and really decide where she wants to go. She’s really grateful for the time she had because she had time to figure that out. She spent a lot of time writing and collaborating with artists.

Rutledge’s goal is to record and release as much music as possible this year.

The creative opportunity in 2020 and early 2021 has given her a lot of songs she’s excited to bring to life. As many of us are also hoping for, Rutledge would love to get on stage in some way this summer. She will also have a single to share mid-summer.

Listen to Paige Rutledge’s latest single “Broken Record” today!

You can connect with Paige Rutledge on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tik Tok.

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