Brian John Harwood’s “Good Boy” is a Love Letter To His Dog

Brian John Harwood and his dog Lincoln

“Good Boy” is the latest single from Brian John Harwood, and it’s the perfect love letter to his dog. If you’ve ever had a dog, this song is going to get to you … so pack a tissue and be prepared to cry.

Brian John Harwood has perfectly captured what it is to have a dog. To watch him grow from a pup and live through his life, all the way to the end. The lyrics tell a story of going through life with your best buddy. From bringing him home as a puppy, to starting a family, and to life without him.

About the song, Brian says: “if you’ve had a dog at some point in your life, you know how strong the bond is. I wrote this song for my dog Lincoln. He’s not only my dog but he’s my best friend.” Brian continues, “dogs don’t live the same amount of time as us, but they sure make our lives better when they are here.”

Truer words were never spoken. Dogs are the best!

“This is a song about Lincoln from a puppy, throughout his life, and many years from now until he’s gone,” Brian continued. “I’ve suffered the loss of a great pet before, and I hope this song connects with anyone that has gone through the same.”

Co-written with his creative partner Dustin Bird, this song features lyrics that hit your ears and fills you with emotion. These two have a way of bringing a song to life, and “Good Boy” is no different.

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Music Video For “Good Boy” By Brian John Harwood

A song like this, you just know that the music video’s going to be both adorable and filled with emotion. The video features his dog Lincoln … the muse for the song. It follows Brian and Lincoln playing, going for car rides, and doing all the things they love together.

By the end of the video, an imaginary future when Lincoln is gone, you’re going to be welling up.

It’s just a fact.

The video perfectly accompanies the single. It does exactly what a music video should do … elevate the song and capture your attention for the duration. It’s a great music video, and if you weren’t already crying from listening to the song … this’ll getcha!

Be sure to stream “Good Boy” on Spotify and Apple Music. Also share this song with anyone who has a dog. They’ll thank you for it.

Stream “Good Boy” By Brian John Harwood

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