Mike Robins’ New Single “One Beer At A Time”

Mike Robins' single "one Beer At A Time"

Mike Robins is back with his latest single “One Beer at a Time” and it’s available on all streaming platforms! I had the chance to connect with Mike to talk about this new release.

Following on the heels of his first solo single in 2020, “Lightning Don’t Strike Twice” (LDST), the narrative has pivoted a little. “LDST” was about a once in a lifetime love, while “One Beer at a Time” is quite the opposite. It’s about a love ending … but one that’s not exactly heartbreaking.

Mike says: “It’s a breakup song, but you’re not really broken up over it.”

It’s not necessarily a celebration that this person is out of your life, but you’re good and moving on. The song is about accepting the end of a relationship, cracking a few beers, and coming back to life.

It’s also a great metaphor for breaking up with the pandemic … haha!

When in the studio writing “One Beer at a Time”, Robins was thinking about performing live. Getting on stage, and being able to do what he loves. What came from it is a song that, while is about breaking up, has a positive vibe, and is perfect for that live music setting.

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If you’ve connected with Mike Robins on Instagram, you’ll notice his pup Maue is a crowd favourite. Of course he had to make it to the track somehow (hint … check out the artwork). 

If you’d like to catch Mike Robins and his adorable dog Maue, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

At Front Porch Music, we’re really excited about this release and happy for Mike! It’s a fun song and I think you’re going to love it too.

Be sure to stream “One Beer At A Time” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Watch The Music Video For “One Beer At A Time”

Stream “One Beer At A Time” By Mike Robins

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