A Chat With Graham Scott Fleming For His New Single “High Life”

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Graham Scott Fleming has released his catchy new single “High Life” and you need to stream it ASAP. Graham is an extremely talented Canadian country singer/songwriter and actor from Ontario.

This upbeat single showcases Grahams fun personality and music style, and you just can’t help but sing along … and maybe even get up and dance.

I had the chance to connect with Graham to chat about his new single “High Life”. I wasn’t able to meet with him physically on the Front Porch, so I caught up with him online instead.

stream Graham Scott Fleming's single "High Life"

We covered everything from how he got into music, where this song idea came from, who his inspirations are and so much more. You’ll definitely want to check out the full interview below. It was a great conversation! But first, check out “High Life”.

Interview With Graham Scott Fleming

Taylor Jean: It would be great if you could introduce yourself to our audience and tell us a bit about your roots and how you got into music.

Graham Scott Fleming: Hey everybody!! My name is Graham Scott Fleming and I am from the small but mighty town of Elmvale Ontario.

I started singing professionally in 2009, and was also involved in the theatre ever since then. In 2011 I was the winner of the North Of Nashville Star contest through, then; KICX 106 and now Pure Country 106. From that moment on I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I then hustled my way through the Toronto theatre scene and eventually landed the National Tour of Hair where we played 46 states in 5 months! After the tour I was picked up as the lead for my first NYC show Somewhere With You, a Country Rock Musical with number one hits written by JT HARDING.

Broadway actor  Graham Scott Fleming

On my return back to Ontario I was welcomed with 7 auditions for what became my biggest role to date. I landed the lead role of ‘Charlie Price’, in the Mirvish Canadian Premier of the Tony Award Winning musical Kinky Boots with Music by Cyndi Lauper. Not a bad boss to have. Working with her and introducing her to my parents was very surreal.

As the show was coming to an end, it actually became one of the most rewarding years to date.

I was nominated at the Dora Awards for “Best Male Actor In a Musical”. I booked my Broadway debut in NYC in the Revival of Miss Saigon where we were nominated for the Tony Awards twice including “Best revival of a musical”. I filmed my first Hallmark Movie Love You Like Christmas, where I ended up writing the title track, as well as had another original song featured. I recorded and released my very first EP Young Wild & Free which features a tune I wrote with Jason McCoy as well as Jt Harding Himself.

 This year alone I was lucky enough to have writes with Jason McCoy, Jane Bach, Phil Barton, Douglas Romanow and many more! It was a big year to follow, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Throughout this journey I have always been singing solo/ writing songs behind the scenes. Though I was more focused on my journey as an actor for a while, I never lost sight of my music.

This time off has really opened my eyes to my ultimate passion as a solo artist. I spent most of my days last year writing and writing some more. I got a call from my friends from The Agenda (band/ producers) asking if I would want to collaborate and get some songs recorded, I immediately said yes. After sending multiple tracks to the guys, we got together to jam some out and create the arrangements and I can’t tell you how magical it was working with them. We solidified 5 new tunes including my first single I released in January “Déjà Vu” available on all streaming platforms, and this new tune ‘High Life’.

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Stream “Deja Vu” By Graham Scott Fleming

Through my adventured of acting and music I have quite the range of influences and taste that touch but are not limited to Country/Rock, Pop and R&B. I have three more tracks locked and loaded and I can’t wait to share the rest of this journey with you all!

Taylor Jean: I love your new single “High Life”. Tell us about what inspired the sound and lyrics for this song?

Graham Scott Fleming: Thank you so much! This was a fun one to write for sure. A lot of the times when I am writing it’s pulled from either a song that I hear, or a lyric, a memory or a current event.

This particular song I wrote last year thinking back to the previous year when I spent a month in LA. I was meeting people and was lucky enough to be hanging out with some big names that I had always looked up to thinking “How the heck did I end up here from my small town”.

My particular journey was not all easy. The hustle was real, and still is, the grind was real, and still is, but the passion has never faded.

While I was walking the streets on Hollywood Boulevard. I was thinking about all the auditions I have done, emails I have sent, free gigs I’ve done, Joe jobs I have done and every job I ever did that lead me to my next moment. All the calls to and from my parents either asking for help or letting them know I am fine throughout the years.

I was thinking about how much my parents/ family & friends and towns people supported me and how I want to make them proud on this journey.

It’s the journey of making it to that big stage.

About having that passion and by doing every single thing can to make that dream come true. It’s about that one moment where someone sees your potential and gives you that chance. It’s about the hustle and the grind, the wishes and wants, and about recognizing the journey you are on, and the path to where you’re going.

With a country/rock edge to it, I wanted the song to be upbeat, and constantly moving forward through the story so listeners can easily understand the journey he’s on and bop their head to the beat as well.

I this song to be a Reba/Garth story-telling tune and the boys at The Agenda really made my vision come to life with their incredible playing and collaboration.

Graham Scott Fleming from Elmvale Ontario

Taylor Jean: What was the process behind connecting the song with how you want to be viewed as an artist?

Graham Scott Fleming: This is an interesting question. As I mentioned before, I have been influenced by many styles of music.

For forever I was nervous about the songs I was writing because I was told “don’t write this style of country”, “This is too pop”, “you need to stick to one lane”. It limits your creativity and holds you back from writing something that could potentially be a great song.

I decided not to listen to any of that advice and just write.

Write everything and anything.

Sometimes it may end up in the garbage and that’s okay. This particular tune is an elaboration of my journey. It’s personal, it’s fun, it has a story, it’s upbeat and it’s 100% me. It’s got a GSF “belty” moment, and the song is relatable.

I always want people to connect to the song, but what I’ve learned on this journey is that not everyone will relate to every song … and that is OK!

Taylor Jean: Growing up, who were your biggest influences? How have they shaped your sound and creativity as an artist?

Graham Scott Fleming: My Influences have always changed, but when I was younger, I remember Garth Brooks, Reba, Dolly, Rascal Flatts, and Johnny Cash were my number ones.

Not only are they just incredible story-tellers, they also pushed boundaries, and were pretty outside the box. I would mimic their voices singing their songs, and then find how it felt good to sing it in my own voice. I still do that! It’s how I train my voice/ear.

My current Influences are Dan & Shay, Chase Rice, Hardy, Tenille Arts, and Carrie Underwood. Again, vocal Olympics and storytelling are my number one.

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Taylor Jean: How has songwriting and recording new music changed this past year? Has it been more difficult, or has it inspired you with new ideas or perspectives?

Graham Scott Fleming: The one good thing about this time off has been that we have all had to stop for a second and take a breath. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the go, go, go. It’s really hard when you work so hard to get to a certain place and then in a second get your career swept from under your feet.

At the same token, with the time off I’ve written some of the best songs I have ever written and for that I am thankful.

It’s a very vulnerable yet rewarding experience to release something you’ve written.

It’s one thing to play your music for friends and family but when It is released to the world it’s a scary feeling. I have luckily had a great response from people. I think now more than ever people are listening to lyrics and really connecting with them. It’s a cool feeling!

That being said I can’t WAIT to get on a stage and sing these songs and feel the energy from the audience!

Graham Scott Fleming's New Single Deja Vu

Taylor Jean: If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be? And why?

Graham Scott Fleming: I have two! I would love to open for Dan & Shay. My writing is heavily influenced by their style. My vocals, though nowhere NEAR their ability, is the same style as well! I love their music and their connection with their audience and I long for the chance of performing with those beats.

I would also love to open for Tenille Arts. Her voice is incredible and her tunes are incredible. she’s making Canada INSANELY proud and is honestly a huge inspiration right now! Would love to make some footsteps beside hers as I take on this journey!

Taylor Jean: Tell us something about you that many people don’t know!

Graham Scott Fleming: Hmm, in 2017 I got to perform in the Tony Awards. Our show Miss Saigon was nominated for “Best Revival of a Musical”!

Taylor Jean: Who are you listening to right now? What top tracks are you listening to?

Graham Scott Fleming: Obviously Dan & Shay, Hardy, Miranda Lambert, Gretchen Wilson, Kacey Musgraves, Chase Rice.

Taylor Jean: Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your new single?

Graham Scott Fleming: Just that I am very thankful for those who have welcomed me into the country music scene with arms wide open. Also to those who continue to inspire me daily, to push past my limits, and to create music for all of us to hear!

Huge shouts go to the Front Porch team, Dave Woods, Dani Strong, The Agenda, Neil Anthony, Jason McCoy, Emily Hay, CMAO and many, many more!

Taylor Jean: Thanks so much Graham! We’re so excited for this single, and we’ll see you at the top! Be sure to stream “High Life” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “High Life” By Graham Scott Fleming

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