Hunter Brothers Release New Album “Been A Minute”

Hunter Brothers' New Album Been A Minute

Multi-award winning Hunter Brothers have released their long-awaited album, Been a Minute. The album is out today!

The band of brothers have had a busy year, regardless of the circumstances the pandemic has imposed. Between virtual writing sessions, setting up their home-recording studio on the family farm, and the success of the leading single, “Been a Minute”, they’ve been able to bring us upbeat, positive, fun music, to lead us into the heat of summer.

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Been A Minute is a compilation of Hunter Brothers’ signature harmonies and up-tempo hits which delve into the heart of the times the world is presently walking through.

We had an opportunity to speak with the Hunter Brothers about their last year and half, challenges of the pandemic, and the release of Been a Minute!

Check out our interview below.

Interview with the Hunter Brothers:

Front Porch: Let’s start with an easy one! How is everyone doing (Social media tells us Luke is recovering and we hope he’s doing well)? What have each of you been up to aside from writing and recording the upcoming album?

Hunter Brothers: Everyone has been holding up. Depending on who you ask, the circumstances have affected each of us differently, but we have been grateful for the time we have been able to spend with our families. It has been 17 months since our last full band show so you could certainly say that we are missing live music!

FP: Pandemic challenges, virtual writing, and still being able to write great music is an incredible accomplishment. How has the writing process been over the last year?

Hunter Brothers' new album. art for "Been A Minute"

HB: Writing has certainly been a different experience over the course of the last year. Zoom has become a necessary tool to remain connected to writing acquaintances, and it certainly isn’t as personal, but gives you a different approach to the process.

FP: You’ve had to get creative in order to record an album during a pandemic? What creative ways did you come up with to ensure recording went well? We heard you ended up building a recording studio on the home farm in Shaunavon?

HB: Recording has also been a unique experience over the course of the last year and a half. JJ learned the ropes of engineering, and we recorded almost every vocal in our home studio which has been recently converted from an old mechanics shop. We actually collaborated with more producers than ever before on this project, but it was all done remotely. We are excited for the world to finally hear what we’ve been working towards!

FP: Thanks for giving the Front Porch a sneak peak into Been a Minute. We’re so excited for the release! The album is such a burst of positive energy, just what we need as we start to see a light in 2021 after the crazy year and a half the world has been through. Tell us about the songs you’ve chosen for the record and what makes them special.

HB: Thank you so much for your kind words regarding “Been A Minute”. We are so excited to finally release new music. The album really explores reflection of the last year in tracks like “Just Wanted You To Know”, and “Captain”, while also looking towards the hope of the future in tracks like “Been A Minute”. We also wanted to ensure that there were timeless and classic tracks on the project that embody living in the moment, and living life to its fullest extent. Overall, we wanted to release tracks that would leave people feeling positive and uplifted.

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FP: If you’d like to take a moment here, you can share a thank you message to fans and listeners.

HB: Personally, I would like to thank each person who took time out of their day to listen to our music in the last 17 months. The last stretch has been tough, and we are so encouraged as brothers when we hear the stories of how our music impacts lives. That’s more important than anything else to us in this career. If the words and music have spoken to you in any way shape or form, we are so grateful. Looking forward to seeing each of you on the road very soon! Much Love! (Ty)

Stream The Hunter Brothers’ Album “Been A Minute”

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