Hunter Brothers’ “Country State of Mind (Shop Edition)”: A Heartfelt Ode to Country Living On The Farm

Hunter Brothers "Country State Of Mind"

Hunter Brothers’ “Country State of Mind (Shop Edition)” is a testament to the group’s deep roots in country living and their passion for the hard work and perseverance that it requires.

The song captures the sounds of the farm … from the hum of a tractor to the crunch of gravel underfoot. They use these sounds to create a rich sonic tapestry that perfectly evokes the spirit of rural life.

The song’s lyrics are simple and direct, paying homage to the community that raised the Hunter Brothers and the values that they hold dear.

Hunter Brothers Talked To Us About The Community They Grew Up In When They Joined Us On The Porch

The brothers’ signature harmonies are as strong as ever, blending together seamlessly to create a sound that is both powerful and deeply affecting.

“Seeding season brings long work days on the farm, but as the crops start to come up, the transformation of the landscape each year from brown & yellow to beautiful green always takes my breath away,” says JJ. His brother Ty continues, “seeding season always reflected the promise of new growth. Getting out into the field, and working hard brought about a sense of grounding that few things could do. The rhythms out in the country really do make a soundtrack…from the tractor putting, to the crickets, to the wind, and gravel crunching beneath your feet on a backroad. It’s a large part of what makes up a country state of mind, and in many ways what inspired this song.”

The Music Video For “Country State Of Mind (Shop Edition)” Complements The Song

The accompanying music video is a perfect complement to the song, featuring footage of the Hunter Brothers in their family shop, surrounded by the tools and equipment that they use to keep their farm running smoothly.

The video captures the group’s work ethic and dedication to their craft, while also celebrating the beauty and simplicity of rural life.

Overall, “Country State of Mind (Shop Edition)” is a strong addition to the Hunter Brothers’ already impressive discography.

With its heartfelt lyrics, powerful harmonies, and evocative imagery, the song is a testament to the group’s deep connection to their roots and their unwavering commitment to the country lifestyle.

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