Ontario’s David Boyd Janes Talks New Single “BLEED COUNTRY” and Thriving As An Independent Artist

David Boyd Janes

Ontario’s very own David Boyd Janes recently released his hottest and newest single “BLEED COUNTRY”. Put out perfectly in time for the Easter long-weekend, listeners have been receiving this new track with nothing less than love and support.

Influenced by artists Lenny Kravitz, Ray Charles, Garth Brooks, Ashton McBride, HARDY, and Josh Ross, he’s very proud of what he’s put out and especially this song. He thinks it’s his best song to date.

“I wanted to put together an anthem, not only for the summer, but in general. It’s something that if they hear it on the radio, they’ll just want to crank it up. Regardless of any style of music you like, I feel that ‘BLEED COUNTRY’ is different. It has a cool vibe, it makes you feel good. It’s a high energy fun song and it’s really about bringing people together regardless of who you are and where you’re from,” he explained.

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Proud to be an indie artist, DBJ knows how to evolve and grow on his own. He wants to focus on what truly matters to him: the music and himself. He knew he had to change a few things in his life to better focus on his writing and to improve on his own mental health. Having been part of a major label to going indie, he says the change has made him happier. “People say the grass is greener on the other side, but I learned the grass is greenest where you water it,” DBJ expressed. He believes the way you can really get your music out there with or without a major label is by having people behind you to push what you have.

He began his journey at a young age while in grade school. He was performing for a talent show and fell in love with the stage from there. He started a rock band named Running Against Radar and their work led them to Germany. Although there were some issues and things fell apart, DBJ still sang at karaoke nights. Several people were asking him if there was any way they could stream his music but he didn’t have any music out … yet. One day he was sitting on a park bench and Luke Bryan’s song “Spring Breakdown” came on and from there, he decided that he would dedicate his time to music again.

His journey throughout his career is him focusing on how he can become a better singer, to be more comfortable with who he is and to be a leader to those who are listening and who want to listen.

Aside from the music, he’s working on something very special for the community and it’s something I know we’re all going to look forward to, so don’t miss out on that announcement when he puts that out!

He also has shows brewing up so you should stay tuned on all social media platforms to make sure you don’t miss a single date!

You can follow him on Instagram, your preferred streaming platform and go to his site for any more information!

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