Meghan Patrick Makes Her Grand Ole Opry Debut: Fulfilling a Long-Awaited Dream

Canadian country artist Meghan Patrick recently saw a long-awaited dream come true with her debut at the Grand Ole Opry on April 11.

Playing the legendary Opry is a dream most artists have. When you play the Opry, you’re sharing the stage with hundreds of others who helped build the legacy of country music.

It was a big night for Meghan …

Not only did she play at the most legendary venue in country music, she was also surprised with her first GOLD record for her single “Wild As Me”.

On Facebook she recapped the night by saying: “My Opry debut felt like an out of body experience, like an actual dream. It has been such a long journey to get here,” she continues, “and it wasn’t an easy one. But stepping into that circle after fighting and clawing my way there against all odds, felt so much sweeter than if it had happened sooner and easier. I’ve realized I don’t want easy. I want these moments to be hard-earned because of the way it feels when it finally happens. I could honestly write a book about what last night meant to me, and all the people who helped me get there, but I’ll just say it’s gonna be a hard moment to beat.

The exciting news of her Grand Ole Opry debut was delivered by Canadian country music icon and Opry member Terri Clark. She surprised Patrick with the announcement over an emotional FaceTime call.

A touching moment captured on video.

Watch Meghan Find Out She Would Be Playing The Grand Ole Opry

“To be invited to play the Opry is a long awaited dream come true,” said Patrick. “To get this incredible news from a friend and mentor, Terri Clark, made an already pinnacle moment even better.”

She followed up the phone call with another FaceTime call from her husband and fellow country artist Mitchell Tenpenny.

A debut at the Grand Ole Opry is a significant achievement for any country artist, and it highlights the exceptional talent Meghan brings to the genre. With her impressive list of awards and continued success in the industry, she is sure to continue making her mark in the world of country music.


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