We’re Going to “BLEED COUNTRY” with David Boyd Janes New Single

David Boyd Janes Cover art for "BLEED COUNTRY"

A brand new country banger just came out around the globe and straight to the radio waves! Ontario-based singer/songwriter David Boyd Janes released his new single “BLEED COUNTRY” today.

This track was produced by Dan Swinimer in Vancouver, British Columbia. He wrote this song on a Zoom call with Swinimer and Wes Mack during the peak of the pandemic. He believes it’s his best work yet and all of us on the Front Porch are excited to share this fresh new track with all of you!

“BLEED COUNTRY” starts off with strong drums and guitars and immediately lures the listener in.

The track perfectly displays Janes’ creative abilities in his song-writing and the range in his vocals. It’s the perfect song to add to your party playlist with your buddies this summer, it’ll make you want to rock out with your pals and have a great night. I know it’ll be on my playlist without a doubt!

DBJ says “‘BLEED COUNTRY’ is about bringing people together regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Our love for the community is our way of Bleeding Country. It’s in our blood and our bones, WE all Bleed Country!”

The single is now available for listening on all streaming platforms!

Give it a listen and share your thoughts on social media and don’t forget to tag @davidboydjanes!


More About David Boyd Janes

Keswick-based singer/songwriter David Boyd Janes is being recognized as a promising rising talent.

Independently managed DBJ has accumulated 4 number #1s on “Top Of The Country on Sirius XM” and with over 10 Million digital streams worldwide DBJ makes good on the promise of his Canadian Billboard hit “Couldn’t Hurt” as well as multiple marquee wins on the country music circuit.

Being recognized as a Bell Media future star along with being a 5 time CMAOntario nominee and notably the Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase winner David Boyd Janes has proven his motto of “Thoughts Become Things” is exactly that! With hard work and determination Janes says “anything is possible.”

Be sure to follow DBJ on Instagram to stay in the loop with any news! Don’t forget to also follow him on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and SoundCloud!

Carolyn Burgos, Front Porch Contributor

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