Jaclyn Kenyon Returns With New Single “Heart Says No”

Jaclyn Kenyon "Heart Says No"

Jaclyn Kenyon, a Burlington-born, Nashville-based emerging artist has released her passionate new single “Heart Says No”.

Jaclyn was a finalist in the 2021 Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase, and has a decade as a songwriter and performer in the books.

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“Heart Says No” is the leading single from her upcoming project, slated for release sometime next year.

“Heart Says No” Opening A New Chapter

“Heart Says No” represents a lot more for Jaclyn than a new single. This is the first single she’s released since moving to Nashville, and her first release after soul-searching and finding her way to country music.

It’s also telling a story for Jaclyn.

“‘Heart Says No’ is about explaining myself. I’m very extroverted, but I’m so introverted when it comes to my own feelings. It’s about your head saying go for it, but your heart is saying no”.

The rock-driven country track encapsulates the work Kenyon has done in other genres that has led her to her country era.

“It’s the perfect start to a new chapter. I wanted it to be different, I wanted it to be country, I wanted it to be rock, but I still wanted it to have those pop influences”.

Jaclyn had the beginning of the song for over two years before she brought it to co-writer, Milan D’Agostini. The first time she played it for Milan, he was able to create a chorus in no time. She knew there was something special about the song.

“I always knew there was something special about that song, and I couldn’t find the missing piece. It turns out to be my best friend.,” says Jaclyn, looking back on how easy it had been to finish the song together.

Finding Her Space In Country Music

Jaclyn has been performing since she was twelve years old, where she first captured attention as the youngest performer on “Honey Jam”. This experience led the young teen to Los Angeles where she wrote music across the pop and rock genres for a number of years.

Following her heart back to Nashville, she discovered her sound and writing fit best in country, and she began to create her artist brand around this.

When it comes to introducing herself to the country landscape, Jaclyn is ready. “Heart Says No” is just the beginning.

“It’s different, it’s unique, and the songs that follow; they break the mould a little bit.”

Weaving in the work she’s done over the last decade, Jaclyn Kenyon’s sound is unique. Her pop and rock roots are present, but not overwhelming of the natural country sound that comes from her vocally.

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