Robyn Ottolini Has Been Getting “Busy” With Her Latest Single

Robyn Ottolini "Busy"

Robyn Ottolini is back with a fierce song about self care and recognizing one’s worth. The tune, written by Ottolini, Seth Mosley, and Jessica Cayne lends a cheeky touch to a powerful message.

The Ontario native claps back at a partner who lives by the philosophy that Saturday is for the boys and who is too busy to support her through the death of her dog by listing all of the ways she’s busy – including cleaning her refrigerator and watching the grass grow.

The artist, whose career took off via TikTok in the midst of the pandemic, has a fearless honesty that takes cues from Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris, speaking her mind and “treating songwriting like a diary since the age of 13.”

The lyrics remind people to recognize their worth rather than tolerating a partner who takes without giving – and Ottolini sings with such passion and panache that you can almost see her flipping the bird at the selfish ex in her song.

Ottolini sings “So leave a message after the beep, yeah / Cause I’m busy” – probably one of the funniest lyrics because, seriously, who really even checks their voicemail these days?

“With more than 90 million streams to her name and a 2021 CCMAs Rising Star of the Year win, the singer/songwriter’s unfiltered vulnerability is clearly connecting” which is fitting for an artist who champions self-love and personal growth.

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Make sure to give this one a listen – if you’ve ever been in a one-sided relationship, you’ll find this song super relatable.

If you’re currently in a relationship like the one Ottolini sings about, let this be a reminder that you are worthy of a partner who will give as well as take – and maybe use some of Ottolini’s sassy excuses as inspiration!

Catch Robyn performing alongside fellow Canadian Tim Hicks, as well as Tyler Rich over the next few months.

We’re excited to see what she gets up to next!

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