Sharing Our Emotions with Raquel Cole’s “Hate That I Need You”

Raquel Cole "Hate That I Need You"

Raquel Cole’s newest single “Hate That I Need You” is a song that you absolutely need to hear and it’s going to be one that will be stuck in your head (and your heart) for days.

The first two words immediately pull on your heart strings. “It’s complicated.” These words have been said by several people especially while in a relationship, situation or are just starting to get to know someone. But the way that Cole sings these words makes you realize that bringing down those walls that people tend to have up in a relationship is a difficult task.

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I don’t know about you, but it’s really hard for me to open up and share vulnerable parts of myself. Turns out that’s the only way to get to know someone and to experience real connection,” Cole says. She’s always prided herself on her strength and independence and this track is her admitting that she felt she needed her partner in her life.

Being vulnerable doesn’t come easy to everyone, but “Hate That I Need You” is a reminder that being vulnerable with your person isn’t always such a bad thing.

More about Raquel Cole

Raquel is making her name known in the Canadian country scene. Being described as “a dynamite vocalist, songwriter and guitar slinger to boot!” by American Songwriter Magazine is nothing short of the truth. Her vocals can make you swoon and fall in love with any track that she puts out.

She’s recently been signed onto Sakamoto Music, and released “Hate That I Need You” with them.

Cole was the top 3 finalist in the Sirius XM ‘Top of the Country’ contest, has over 560k global digital streams and was named by CBC/Radio-Canada as “25 under 25 Musicians Everyone Needs to Know”. These are just a few of her accomplishments to date, and we are more than excited to see what her career has in store for her. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep updated with her upcoming music and news.

Stream “Hate That I Need You” Here

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