Jason Blaine’s “Pretend You’re Mine” Brings The Beach Vibes

Canadian country artist Jason Blaine

Canadian country favourite Jason Blaine is back with a new release “Pretend You’re Mine” and it’s giving off serious island vibes!

The tune starts off with a mellow guitar riff that has hints of Zac Brown Band (think “Toes in the Water”), but rather than singing about heading out of town on a vacay (serious salt in the wound these days, I know), Blaine’s lyrics paint a picture of possibilities.

This is the second single off Blaine’s upcoming album. He wrote the song with Clayton Bellamy of the Road Hammers … keeping it in the Canadian family.

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Why the all the pretense?

The lines “there’s no strings to tie us down / no need to be afraid to say goodbye” may resonate with those who are torn between the fear of letting love bloom and the desire to connect.

The song speaks to those who are lonely but maybe not ready to start something new and just want to live in the moment.

Though Blaine now lives South of the border, the Pembroke, Ontario native should be no stranger to the winter blues. Pairing these melancholy lyrics with his chill guitar and vocals almost (but not quite) transports you to a sandy beach somewhere … you can nearly taste the margarita.

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This song should definitely make it on to your vacation playlist (let’s be honest, most of us are making one this time of year, even if travel is only a dream). Even if you can’t hop the next plane to a sunny destination, there’s always kiddie pools and inflatable palm trees in the living room … just don’t look outside!

Blaine’s Feb 11 show at the Toronto Opera House has been moved from Feb 11 to April 29, so there’ll be plenty of time to listen to “Pretend You’re Mine” on repeat before the show … and with the balmy temps of April in Ontario (they’ll feel pretty toasty after this crazy cold winter) it’ll be that much easier to dream of beaches and sun!

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