Introducing Jordan Allard And His New Single “Cowboy Fly”

country artist and bodybuilder Jordan Allard

As you know, we love helping you discover new Canadian artists and new music. So we are really excited to be able to introduce you to Jordan Allard and his brand new single “Cowboy Fly”.

Jordan Allard is an emerging country artist from Alberta, and his new single “Cowboy Fly” is a fun anthemic song that makes you want to move.

Stream "Cowboy Fly" by Jordan Allard

The song has a vibe that is reminiscent of Jason Aldean, Brothers Osbourne, and other Outlaw country artists. It’s a sound that is notably missing from the Canadian country music industry. So it’s really exciting to hear this song.

We had the chance to connect with Jordan about this release.

“It’s been a long time coming since my debut album release in 2014,” Jordan says. “The song is inspired by my younger days of growing up in a small farming community and going out to bush parties and having a few drinks. I can’t wait to get this song out and keep the party rockin’!”

It’s a fun song that we are pleased to introduce you to. Be sure to stream “Cowboy Fly” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Cowboy Fly” By Jordan Allard


In country music, the Front Porch has long been a place of reflection. A place where you can look at the life you have inside that front door. A place where time almost seems to stand still, where you can get away. It’s also a place where you can go to observe the world as it passes by you. To think about your place out there beyond the driveway.

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