A Featured Interview With Jordan Riley: An Artist Profile

Interview with Jordan Riley

We’re so excited to be able to introduce you to a new artist. Jordan Riley hails from Innisfil, Ontario, and music has always been a huge part of his life.

Riley grew up surrounded by music. His father played piano, and he wanted to do whatever his dad was doing. He got his first guitar for Christmas when he was eleven years old … and started playing country music when he was thirteen. He fell into country because that’s what most people were doing at the time in terms of cover music.

Riley wasn’t always a country music fan though. While traditional country, along with classic rock music were always flowing throughout his household, he didn’t necessarily enjoy country at the time.

It wasn’t until he heard “Watching Airplanes” by Gary Allen when he decided to give the genre a closer listen. His music taste remains diverse, including “All Time Low” as a major influence. But he looks to Luke Combs who’s able to balance contemporary music with his love for rock and traditional country.

When it came to writing music, country was a no brainer for Jordan.

He loves the story that country music allows an artist to tell … and the way it can truly bring people together. He loves to see artists incorporate their own take on country music and appreciates the ability it gives artists to explore themselves and really venture into multiple verticals.

His single “Still Got It” was released in 2020, which was co-written and produced by Taylor Abrams of the James Barker Band. The song was released to Canadian Country radio and was featured on the Complete Country Playlist on both Apple Music & Spotify.

Watch Jordan Riley Perform “Still Got It”


Where does Jordan Riley find inspiration for his sound?

“Whether it’s from listening to music, or from meeting new people, country music is all about the story, and I can find inspiration in anything.” Tying in to why he really loves to develop within the country genre, the storytelling component is what drives Riley’s music, and where he finds inspiration; through people and music.

The pandemic has been a hot topic for almost a year now. Riley, like many folks in the industry, has had to make some adjustments. While artists have certainly suffered, coming off the road has allowed for him to write with artists he’s looked forward to creating with.

The challenge of Zoom and Google Docs is real, but Riley has been able to pivot in terms of connecting and creating with other artists. What’s great about the extra time he’s had, is he’s been able to work on his upcoming EP. He’s looking forward to releasing his EP later this year.

Jordan Riley’s upcoming single “All Nighter” will be released this Friday, February 26th, 2021. He’s looking forward to getting the single to radio and having an opportunity to play it (safely, of course) live if there’s an opportunity.

As always, we like to ask artists who they’re listening to and what’s on their current playlist.

Jordan Riley is currently listening to Luke Combs, James Barker Band, All Time Low, Marren Morris, Dierks Bentley, Danielle Bradbury, and of course, Hardy.

Connect with Jordan Riley on Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget to pre-save “All Nighter”.

Stream “Still Got It” By Jordan Riley

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