The Journey of Jordan Riley: From Emo Lyrics to Country Music

Ontario country artist Jordan Riley

We recently shared the latest single “Picture Perfect” from Jordan Riley and we wanted to get to know him a little more. From a small town south of Barrie, Ontario, Jordan Riley always knew music was his passion.

Since he was young, he had a love for metal music and found himself writing some pretty emo lyrics (which I hope he shows us all one day). But as he grew up, he learned to love country music and realized his lyrics really lined up with the vibe country music gives us.

His recent release “Picture Perfect” is the perfect springtime wedding song, if you were to ask us. Having been able to record this track close to his own wedding day, he gave everything he could to it. He spent a couple of days in Nashville to record “Picture Perfect”, which was written by James Barker, JoJo Mason, Taylor Abram, and Conner Stephen. They loved what he sounded like on the track that they’re bringing him in for another which will hopefully be released for summer!

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Before “Picture Perfect” was released, a major release milestone happened for Riley …

On the release day of his track “Somebody’s Gonna”, he hit #15 on iTunes!

Riley explained how the moment he looked and said that it was surreal and he never thought that this could happen. As more and more people began to listen to his music he was able to see his numbers soar.

“From this, I just want people to never give up on what they want to achieve,” said Riley. He never thought what he achieved would be possible without the help of his friends or anyone he reached out to. But he was able to stop reaching out and let his pure talent take over. This showed him how possible it was and how undeniably great he is at doing what he does!

As of late he was unable to dedicate more time to his music but he let us know that he will be spending more time with us on stages and giving us shows throughout the rest of the year, and we can definitely say we’re extremely excited for that!

In just a few months he will be performing for Country Nights In The City at The Moonshine Cafe in Oakville. This event will be taking place on September 20th at 7:30 P.M., make sure to mark that down on your calendar and don’t miss it!

You can follow Jordan Riley for more details on any upcoming music and shows on Instagram or Facebook.

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