Matthew Runaway’s Great Summery Single “Just Drive”

Matthew Runaway

Canadian country artist Matthew Runaway’s latest single “Just Drive” is the song we need as we’re heading into the warmer weather.

One of the best things to do on a crisp spring day or hot summer night, is to get in your car and hit the open road. There’s nothing like driving small-town back roads to clear your head … and of course listen to some country music while doing so. And one great tune you should blast on your next drive is Matthew Runaways’ latest single “Just Drive”.

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With just the right amount of country rock and a tinge of nostalgia, “Just Drive” speaks to the fact that no matter how bad we think things are, there’s always better times to come. To keep going until those better times arrive.

With choruses detailing events that we can all relate to, such as denting a parents car or getting a ticket, the uplifting message of the song is highlighted in the chorus. “Times like those, might not seem like gold, but you learn along the way, that’s there’s lessons in the pain” Runaway sings at the start of the chorus, ending it with “keep up the fight, hold your head high, just drive!”

Of the song, Runaway says: “it speaks to those ‘end-of-the-world’ moments we grow up experiencing, only to look back, having aged and realize that these moments have now become some of our fondest memories.”

Since the release of his debut single “Small Town Pride” in 2018, Runaway has been consistently working on his music. He’s also become somewhat of a viral sensation, with videos averaging 1.5 million views per month!

But music is his number one passion. This Perth, Ontario native brings an authentic country experience to his songs thanks to growing up on the family farm.

The lessons and memories made from those times inspire his songwriting. During these unpredictable times we’re all going through, the bridge of “Just Drive” has a great message in it: “Like a road we bend don’t break, so put that pedal down, and just drive”!

And while you’re driving, make sure you’re listening to Matthew Runaway along the way!

Stream “Just Drive” By Matthew Runaway

Watch The Music Video For “Just Drive” By Matthew Runaway

Scott Sykes - Contributor for Front Porch Music
Scott Sykes

Scott has been a lover of music his whole life, but being born and raised in small town Ontario helped solidify his love of Country music specifically. Drawn to the musicality and storytelling of Country Music, one of his passions is spreading the word about all the great talent Canada has to offer in this genre. Scott has an extending performing career, having acted in many theatre productions, sketch comedy, music videos and TV, and has hosted multiple global corporation seminars and awards ceremonies.  While he is a classically trained pianist, he leaves music to the professionals, and basks in all their musical glory!  A day without music is a waste of day, he believes, and can usually be found cranking some of his favourite Canadian artists like James Barker Band, Madeline Merlo, and Brett Kissel, and artists like Kip Moore and Ashley McBryde from south of the border on a daily basis.

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