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Matthew Runaway

Matthew Runaway always knew that his heart was in country music, and with his newest track, “Missing Sweater”, he’s in ours too.

Jumping into rock music by learning how to play guitar at a young age, Runaway began his music career in his early 20’s with his EDM-rock band, Aspire. With his band he was able to tour around North America. “Eventually, when that chapter closed I went and started writing country music and that brings us to where I’m at. I’ve been doing this now for five years,” Runaway fills us in.

From growing up on a cattle and crops farm, he was always around country music.

Being inspired from his favourite modern artist, Granger Smith, you can hear how Runaway put emotion in his tracks. “I think how he dives into the soul is just outstanding,” Runaway expresses.

Lydia Sutherland, Parker Graye and Runaway were writing a song together which coincidentally turned into “Missing Sweater”. “We got an hour into this write, I can’t remember what it was about, and I said this line ‘something left me with a missing sweater’ and Lydia stopped and she’s like ‘that’s like a song in itself.’ We all got really quiet for 20 seconds and Lydia said we should write that song. I said ‘let’s do it’ and Parker said ‘absolutely.’ We scrapped everything we did and started writing that song,” he explains.

“The sweaters that represent the pieces of you that is missing,” Runaway tells us as he gets in depth with the meaning of the new track. Not knowing that one line would turn into one of his favourite songs he’s ever written, he came out with a gorgeous raw track.

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We should be able to expect another track in another four months, so be sure to not miss out on any of his releases on your streaming platform.

The music video that has been released with “Missing Sweater” had an interesting story to go along with it as well.

Matthew Runaway "Missing Sweater"

“The video is actually the craziest part of the entire release. I had an idea of doing a big budget video but the industry started changing … I scrapped the idea of having a video. One of my good friends in the industry said that I should really put something out with it [the track] … I went to the two videographers that I love working with and both of them were like ‘yeah, man, that’s awesome. My first opening is in October,’ which was too far out. So, I literally got in the car with my girlfriend and drove to Nashville and we just filmed it ourselves, came back home and edited it,” Runaway explains. With the magic that he found in Nashville, he was able to capture it and put that magic in his video.

The biggest thing for Runaway is that he wants a relationship with his listeners. He wants them to let him know what any of his songs means to them. “It’s sometimes hard to write them, and it’s very vulnerable. Once it’s out, it’s like therapy and it’s the world’s now. So, I want to hear what that song can do for them and what it made them feel,” he shares. 

Be sure to check out “Missing Sweater” and stay in touch with Matthew Runaway and to not miss any updates on all social media platforms.

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