Finding That “Missing Sweater” With Matthew Runaway

Matthew Runaway "Missing Sweater"

Found on Spotify’s Best Country Songs of 2021 Canada, Matthew Runaway gave us yet another great track to listen to.

Released August 31, “Missing Sweater” became Runaway’s latest track and it’s one that should be on all your playlists.

Runaway’s goal is to have people relate to his lyrics as he pulls the meaning of each song from his own life. “Missing Sweater” is about the sweaters that represent the pieces of you that go missing throughout life. During the writing process of the track, the song became more and more raw, which is the exact route Runaway wanted to go in.

The visualizer for “Missing Sweater” is as beautiful as the track itself. You can catch Runaway singing during a Nashville sunset with the most beautiful skyline in the back. The video was filmed and edited by himself and his girlfriend. During the bridge of the song, you can sense the passion behind the lyrics as the lighting dims.

Runaway told us that to date, “Missing Sweater”, is his favourite track he’s released and is his top two songs he’s ever written. Well, Matthew, it’s our favourite song, too!

More About Matthew Runaway

From Perth, Ontario, singer/songwriter Matthew Runaway is now one of the fastest rising country artists in the scene.

Runaway started his music career in his early 20’s with his EDM rock band, Aspire, but he always knew country music was his calling. He released his debut single “Small Town Pride” in November, 2018, and the reset became history.

He grew his fanbase within the COVID-19 timeframe and worked his way to where he is now. He had his singles play on the radio which increased his listener base and pushed him to now being a phenomenal artist.

Keep on the lookout for more tracks and news from Matthew Runaway to stay up to date on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Watch The Music Video For “Missing Sweater”

Stream “Missing Sweater” By Matthew Runaway

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