Sykamore Caps Off Summer With Debut Album “Pinto”

Sykamore's Debut Album "Pinto"

Alberta-born, Nashville-based, Sykamore dropped her debut album Pinto dropped just two weeks ago.

The album marks not only the completion of a chapter in Sykamore’s career, but the culmination of a remarkable journey and the start of an even more promising one.

Pairing empathetic storytelling with memorable hooks and infectious choruses that capture the emotional rollercoaster of youth and young love, Pinto is a journey for listeners, packed with a track for any type of listener.

Sykamore creates a thoughtful, soft listening experience making for a dazy pop-country listening experience like no other.

We caught up with Sykamore to chat more about being on the road for festival season, playing her new music for the festival crowds, and of course the release of Pinto. 

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Before getting into the interview, be sure to give her new album a listen while reading through the interview.

An Interview With Sykamore About Her Debut Album

Front Porch: Why don’t you start by telling us some of the amazing things you’ve been up to leading up to your release? 

Sykamore: I’ve been playing some shows which has been super fun! I always love seeing fans on the road, especially now after we couldn’t play out for so long. 

FP: You played at Boots and Hearts and Lasso Music Festival this month. How exciting is it to be taking your music to the stage at some incredible festivals? 

S:It’s very exciting! And very validating. I feel like the final stage of making a record is playing it for people onstage, so in a lot of ways I feel a real sense of completion now that I’ve started to play these songs live this summer. 

FP: What are you most excited about with the release of your debut full-length album, Pinto?

S:I’m excited to see how other people are going to experience it! It’s like when you show someone your favourite movie and you really hope they like it, so you can share the experience together. 

FP: The album release “represents both a beginning and an end, the culmination of a remarkable journey and the start of an even more promising one”. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? 

S:I started writing the album right when I moved to Nashville, which was almost five years ago. So to me it represents that entire chapter – my arrival to Nashville, becoming a professional songwriter, and all of the learning and growing and hardship that went along with that. So even though this chapter is now coming to an end and the record is released, I feel like writing these songs has given me a great deal of experience and I feel even more prepared to start on the next project! I think even the subject matter of the songs reflects that – it’s very optimistic about the future, based on the exciting things that are happening in the present. 

FP: The current single “Just 4 July” is doing amazing. What do you think makes this one special?

S: Thank you! I think it’s special because there was no pressure when we were writing it, to make it anything it wasn’t. It’s got some unique markers on it like the big haunting vocal intro, and the heavy Juno synthesizer throughout. Those were things that just felt right when we were making it, and maybe they aren’t the first thing you think of when someone says ‘country’ but it fits what needed to be done within the song, and to me that’s when you can really cultivate a special track. When you’re just being true to it. 

FP: Finally, where can we find you on stage the rest of the year?

S: I’m heading off to Colorado in a few weeks to open for Billy Currington, so I’m very excited about that! And as far as social media goes, you can find me on all the big ones, especially IG and TikTok! 

Catch Up With Sykamore On Social Media

Twitter: @SykamoreMusic
Facebook: /sykamoremusic
Instagram: @sykamore
TikTok: @sykamore

First Time Listening To Sykamore?

If this is your first time checking out Sykamore, here are my top tracks to get you acquainted.

  1. Go Easy On Me
  2. Cheap Thrills
  3. Dancing In The Dark
  4. Just 4 July
  5. Pinto
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