The Abrams Are Back With “Something New”!

Brother Duo The Abrams

Award winning musical brothers The Abrams are back in a big way this summer with their latest single, “Something New”!

Fresh off their recent Duo/Group of the Year win at the 2022 CMAOntario Awards, the track is their first taste of new music in nearly three years. And it was worth the wait.

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An energetic, bluegrass infused bop which I’m labelling one of the most romantic songs of the summer, “Something New” tells the story of a relationship that never gets old, and always stays fresh and exciting.

“Something New is all about that feeling you get when you think you know everything about someone you love, yet they keep surprising you everyday” says The Abrams.

“The best relationships grow and feel fresh at every turn, even after many years.”

Starting with the driving strum of an acoustic guitar, the song sets up a story of familiarity. “I know you like cinnamon in your coffee … and your clothes hung a certain way” it begins, giving you a sense of comfort and reliability.

The rousing chorus flips the script, stating “just when I thought I had you figured out, as if I didn’t have enough to love about you, girl, there you go blowing my mind … I learn something new everyday”.

The bridge really hits the point of the song home, with the lyrics “Every day I wake up in a brand new kind of heaven”. Who doesn’t want that?

It will be hard to keep the smile off your face as you listen to the track, and if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship, you can instantly relate. Even if you’re not, you can’t help but get caught up in the romanticism of the story.

About The Abrams

Composed of brothers John and James, The Abrams have been playing music since they were kids, and have honed their impeccable musicianship during their more than two decades of live shows.

I’ve been lucky enough to see them live, and it was truly one of the most energetic shows I’ve seen. If you’re reading this from the US, make sure you catch them on their upcoming Something New Tour, hitting 17 cities across America.

“Something New” is the first single from The Abrams upcoming EP, releasing later in the summer.  It’s a welcome return of one of the most exciting and talented acts Canada has to offer, so add it to your playlist now!

Stream “Something New” by The Abrams

Scott Sykes - Contributor for Front Porch Music
Scott Sykes

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