Amanda Kind Delivers the Breakup Anthem of the Year with Latest Single “Love Used To Live Here”

Amanda Kind "Love Used To Live Here"

Singer-songwriter Amanda Kind’s latest single, “Love Used To Live Here”, is out today on all streaming platforms.

Kind’s voice absolutely soars on the track as she sings about love had and love lost. It tells the story of a hopeful couple who thought they found forever together, only to find themselves with just the memories of the time they spent together.

“The pandemic seemed to make or break love everywhere around me,” Kind explains. “Spending all this time together at home either made couples stronger than ever or pulled them apart irreparably. This song is for all those people haunted by the memory of what their love once was, or what they hoped it would be.”

Given the story being told, listeners might expect Kind to deliver a slow, melancholic country ballad. Instead, she delivers a powerful, mid-tempo pop-country anthem that is sure to hit you right in the heart.

Kind’s voice is especially impressive during the emotional, heartbreaking chorus, saying “love used to live here/now nothing’s left but empty frames/memories I can’t escape”.

The first verse on the track explores a couple moving into a house together and making it a home. It all breaks down during the second verse, as Kind dives into the emptiness left when one person is left behind in the home they built together.

“There are memories throughout the song both good and sad, and a sense of wishing that the outcome was different. I wanted the song to have energy to it even though the story is about losing love because those memories and feelings are loaded with longing for what was and what could have been,” Kind says.

“Love Used To Live Here”  was written by Kind with the help of veteran Canadian songwriter Carrie DeMaeyer from Guelph, Ontartio and Matt Koebel from Waterloo, Ontario, who also produced the track.

More About Amanda Kind

Amanda Kind was raised in the coastal community of White Rock, British Columbia, where she grew up in a musical family. She was strongly influenced by her mother, a recreational pianist, whose array of musical tastes ranged from The Andrew Sisters and Ella Fitzgerald to Patsy Cline, Enya, Quee, and more.

Kind’s teenage years were spent taking classical voice lessons while secretly mimicking Mariah Carey riffs, belting out Spice Girls and Shania Twain anthems, and singing No Doubt, Dolly Parton, and Alanis Morrisette at the top of her lungs. It’s no surprise, then, that her original music and performances have varied in style from pop and country to jazz, classical, and musical theatre.

Now based in Ontario, Kind is known as much for her powerhouse vocals as she is for being one of the province’s most in-demand vocal coaches in commercial music. Kind marked a return to writing and recording original music in 2021 with four singles that year.

Kind is currently working on a country EP slated for release in 2023, with “Love Used To Live Here” acting as the first single from that project.

You can keep up with Amanda Kind on her website, You can also follow her on Instagram, @missakind.

Stream “Love Used To Live Here” By Amanda Kind

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