Justine Blanchet Reminds Us People Can Be “Hard To Love” In Latest Single

Justine Blanchet "Hard To Love"

Justine Blanchet delivers her new single “Hard To Love” today with a reminder that loving someone isn’t going to make them love you back.

“Hard To Love” Resonates with Justine Blanchet

With lyrics that paint imagery of difficult relationships where one person is more invested than the other, Blanchet’s soulful country vocal elevates this perfectly.

Justine says “This song is about wanting to love someone but because of their emotional unavailability, they don’t realize what’s in front of them. While I didn’t write this song, that feeling of falling for someone – who in turn makes it so difficult to truly love them – resonated with me.”

Many people have been there; a relationship that’s hot and cold, one person has one foot in and one foot out, and it’s exhausting emotionally for the person who really wants it to work.

This song is about realizing this person just can’t love you back the way you want or need them to, and knowing it’s time to move on to something better.

“Hard To Love” Reminds Listeners What They Deserve

She says, “I want listeners to remember that no matter how much you love someone, you cannot make them love you back. But that’s okay. You shouldn’t have to. It’s better to know your worth and find someone who recognizes that. Your patience will be rewarded with love that is honest and more fulfilling.”

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What a reminder, given the current dating landscape many people find themselves tangled up in. “Hard To Love” really highlights the importance of being on the same page with the person you’re dating.

“Hard to Love” was written by Courtney Cole, Derrick Southerland, and Kelly Archer, and produced by Danick Dupelle.

Stay tuned for the music video for this single dropping September 11th.

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