Kyle McKearney’s Single “Each and Every Day” Shares A Relatable Story

Kyle McKearney With his guitar

Kyle McKearney has made an incredible name for himself as a singer-songwriter in the Canadian country scene. His single “Each and Every Day” proves why.

“Each and Every Day” features a soft melody that beautifully contrasts Kyle’s strong and rich vocals. When it gets to the chorus of the song, he’s joined by a female voice that compliments his sound so flawlessly.

The message behind this song is just as good. It’s a song about working hard and looking for times of leisure wherever you can find it. It’s a traditional sentiment that many of us have felt at one point or another.

“’Each and Every Day’ is a song about waking up to your situation to find that you don’t like it very much and deciding to make a change,” McKearney writes. “I was feeling this way after 6 months on a bus without my wife and son, realizing that this was just a blip in 15 years of touring. The song is about breaking away from how we’re expected to make a living, big house and multiple vehicles etc and getting back to maybe earning less but being together.”

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This is a great song, and will no doubt find a home on our playlists. Be sure to stream “Each and Every Day” on Apple Music, and Spotify.

Stream “Each and Every Day” By Kyle McKearney

Watch Kyle Perform “Each and Every Day” Live

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