Warren Hargraves’ Latest Summer Song “Cold One” Is Out Now

Warren Hargraves' debut single "Cold One"

There’s two things I love. I love working with independent artists to get their music heard, and I love good summer songs. Warren Hargraves is a great indie country artist, and his single “Cold One” is a good summer bop!

“Cold One” has a really chill vibe to it. The melody and lyrics make you want to sit back and relax on a pool floaty with a “Cold One”. It features groovy guitars and Warren’s smooth, but raspy vocals. You’ll be sining along with the chorus by the time you finish listening to it the first time.

“The song is about finding solace in the little things,” Warren continues, “even when it seems like you’re stuck in a rut you can’t get out of.”

This song was Co-written by Warren Hargraves and his buddies Josh Try, and Mark Swan. This one was produced by our friend Jordan Honsinger.

On writing the song, Warren says “we had a lot of fun putting this tune together when we rented a cottage to write and demo the track. Unfortunately, all the locks on the cottage were seized when we arrived so we actually had to break in to get started on the session!” He continues, “no cottages were harmed during the rest of the recording process.”

It’s a great tune, and I’m so happy to be able to introduce you all to it. I’ve added it to our Front Porch playlists. Be sure you do the same and listen on repeat!

Stream “Cold One” By Warren Hargraves

About Warren Hargraves

Warren Hargraves is a talented independent artist from London Ontario. He started his journey to music at the age of 14 on the drum set. But his true determination for a career in music came at the age of 16 while playing the video game “Rock Band”.

While playing the game, he flunked one of the songs and experienced the “boo’s” from the virtual audience. That motivated him to pick up a real guitar and start learning and practicing.

Ever since, he became a student of the genre and has been honing his craft. We can’t wait to hear what’s next for Warren, and to see how “Cold One” performs.

Be sure to Follow Warren on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Logan Miller - Front Porch Music Founder
Logan Miller

As the founder of Front Porch Music, I believe that music has the ability to connect people. I love country music, and I love the country music industry as a whole. My goal is to help music fans find new artists to fall in love with.

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