Matt Teed Releases New Single “Read Between The Signs”

Canadian country artist Matt Teed has released a new single titled “Read Between The Signs”. It’s a song about watching someone you love fall for the wrong person.

“Read Between The Signs” is a heartfelt song that showcases Matt’s vocal ability and highlights his songwriting skills. This song draws from Matt’s personal experience. He paints a familiar picture of watching someone you love fall for the wrong person. Trying to point out warning signs and red flags to avoid heartbreak.

stream "Read Between The Signs" By Matt Teed

Who can’t relate to this?

“Great songs tend to come from experience and that’s really what we were tapping into here,” Matt Says. “It’s honestly based on a true story of watching someone you love fall for someone that’s just not worth their time …” He continued, “… it’s just about that honest moment where you can’t watch this happen anymore, so you sit them down to try and open their eyes a bit.”

“One of my favourite lines in the song comes in the bridge – ‘I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but I know you know this doesn’t feel right.’ That’s kind of the epicenter of the message … which can be a tough thing to communicate sometimes.”

About the production, Matt says, “All-in-all, I love how this track came together. It really brought a different element to the sound we’ve been building. There’s an emotion to the lyrics and a depth to the instrumentals that I absolutely love – it really allowed me to let loose on the vocals and just leave it all at the mic.”

“Read Between The Signs” is a great new song. Be sure to stream it on Apple Music and on Spotify.

Stream “Read Between The Signs” By Matt Teed

In country music, the Front Porch has long been a place of reflection. A place where you can look at the life you have inside that front door. A place where time almost seems to stand still, where you can get away. It’s also a place where you can go to observe the world as it passes by you. To think about your place out there beyond the driveway.

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