Megan Dawson’s New Summer Single “Kissed Me Like That”

Megan Dawson "Kissed Me Like That"

Kissed Me Like That” is the newest single from Alberta-based artist, Megan Dawson

When listening to “Kissed Me Like That” there’s a warming energy that buzzes through me. The song’s vibe is perfect for summer, love, and feelings so good you just can’t put into words. 

Dawson sings about a “crush, a sugar rush”, but the serotonin rush that comes with listening to this song is just what we need as the weather warms up and summer hearts are heating up. 

“As we head into Spring and Summer, I wanted a song that represented and embodied that feeling of something so beautiful that you can’t explain it but it makes you feel so good and optimistic,” said Megan. 

Achieved. This song pairs well with the windows down and the music turned all the way up.

If you’re looking for an infectious pop-country sound that inspires a little summer love, “Kissed Me Like That” is the perfect track.

Kissed Me Like That was written by Madeline Merlo, Emma Lee, and Lindsay Rimes, and produced by Dan Swinimer.

Following The Momentum Of “Influence”

“Kissed Me Like That” follows the momentum of her previous single “Influence”,  which scored a slot on Yanagroo’s Most Active Indies it’s first week at radio, was featured on Spotify’s Women Of Country playlist, Apple Music’s Live Country playlist, and has over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone.

“I want my listeners to be able to find themselves within my songs,” Megan said. “To be able to be a part of the soundtrack of the current chapter in their lives no matter if it’s happy, sad or somewhere in between. I hope to inspire my listeners in the same way that my favorite artists inspire me.”

Stepping into the emerging artist spotlight, Megan Dawson has a lot more in store for her. The artist has been songwriting and collaborating with a number of artists and working on her development for a number of years. The music she’s released recently showcases a confidence in her sound and a vocal presence Canadian country music fans won’t be able to get enough of.

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