2021 Calgary Stampede Nashville North Lineup

Nashville North at the Calgary Stampede

Can you even believe it? Canada’s world-famous Calgary Stampede is back this year, and their Nashville North lineup is nothing short of spectacular. The full lineup features exclusively Canadian country artists … this lineup was MADE for Front Porch Music.

We can’t wait to keep you updated all festival long. We have Tim M. and Junior Walker heading out to the festival, and they’ll keep you updated throughout the entire thing. They’re great photographers, so you’re gonna see some amazing pictures of the festival.

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Nashville North has made a name for itself as having one of the best music lineups, so when they announced that they’re only featuring Canadian acts, we knew we were in for a treat.

Catch the full lineup right here, and be sure to purchase your tickets. These tickets are a hot commodity this year … everyone is so excited to be able to get out of the house. Keep a watch here for any updates. We will be updating this page as more information comes.

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Lineup For 2021’s Nashville North At The Calgary Stampede

George Canyon

Canadian country artist George Canyon

George Canyon has become a legend in Canadian country music. In the early 2000s, he became one of Canada’s hottest acts in country music. He’s won countless accolades and awards, including Juno Awards, CCMA Awards, and ECMA Awards to name a few. He’s been inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame, recorded 12 albums, and was presented a certified Platinum Award for his debut album One Good Friend.

Catch George Canyon on Thursday July 8 at 7:15pm

Aaron Pritchett

Canadian country artist Aaron Pritchett

Aaron Pritchett is easily one of the most recognized country artists in Canada. “Country Music always appealed to my soul because the songs tackled subject matter that may have been taboo for other formats and told REAL stories about REAL people,” Aaron explains. “Those stories were a lot like mine. I was going fishing, camping, and riding buses to hockey tournaments in even smaller towns than the one I grew up in, life was a lot more country than rock and roll. That feeling resonated with me and I strive to convey that in my music to this day”.

Aaron Pritchett plays Nashville North on Thursday July 8th at 9:00pm

Dean Brody

Dean Brody playing the guitar

Dean Brody isn’t just a fantastic musician, he’s also an all around nice guy. He has made a name for himself in the industry as being one of the best people to work with.

He has risen to the top of the Canadian country landscape with an impressive 30 Top 10 singles (including 6 #1s), 17 CCMA Awards, 2 JUNOs, more than 212 million global streams and numerous gold and platinum (including 1 double platinum) certified singles.

Only Shania Twain has more Canadian streams than Dean when looking at Canadian country artists’ “lifetime” results.

Dean Brody headlines the festival on Friday July 9th at 9:00pm

Jess Moskaluke

female country artist from Saskatchewan Jess Moskaluke

Jess Moskaluke is on everyone’s radar. We’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t loved Jess’ music. She’s a vocal powerhouse, and has an uncanny ability to connect with an audience.

Last fall, she was invited to play at Australia’s C2C Music Festival, and was asked to take part in CMC’s “Songs and Stories” series, performing six songs for a one-hour special.

If you’ve never had the chance to experience Jess Moskaluke performing live, you have to make it a priority to get out to the Stampede and go see her perform live.

Jess Moskaluke will be headlining on Saturday July 10th at 9:00pm.

The Hunter Brothers

The Hunter Brothers From Saskatchewan

Everyone’s favourite band of brothers The Hunter Brothers are going to be taking the Calgary Stampede by storm. These brothers have unreal voices that sound so good together. Anything they touch, turns to musical gold. They are truly one of the most exciting acts in the Canadian country landscape.

With over 42 million video & audio streams to date, Hunter Brothers have amassed a large volume of industry credibility in a record amount of time, including multiple CCMA Award nominations, JUNO Award nominations and SCMA Award wins.

Earlier this year, Luke Hunter announced that he was recovering from a very sever injury. He is still in recovery and unable to play the guitar. We send him all the best in his recovery, and can’t wait to see him hit the stage again soon!

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The Hunter Brothers will be playing on Sunday July 11th at 7:30pm.

The Road Hammers

The Road Hammers "The Boys Are Back At It"

“Look out y’all, the boys are back at it!” The Road Hammers are LEGENDS in Canadian country music. They don’t really require any kind of introduction … but here goes:

The Road Hammers debuted at #1 on the Canadian country albums chart, won the Juno Award for Country Recording of the Year, and delivered four Top 10 singles at country radio, including “I’m A Road Hammer,” “East Bound and Down,” and “Girl on the Billboard”. The group signed with American record label Montage Music Group in 2007 and released the top 50 charting album Blood Sweat & Steel.

Catch The Road Hammers on Sunday July 11th at 9:15pm.

Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel "Make A Life Not A Living"

Brett Kissel is another artist who has made a name for himself as being one of the nicest guys in the world. He’s the type of person that will remember your name and say hi at any event you may cross paths at.

The farm-and-ranch-raised artist has 15 top 10 radio singles, 3 #1 songs, and a tractor bucket full of gold and platinum plaques. He set records on his 112-date cross-country tour, played over 20 shows with his hero Garth Brooks, and has won 18 CCMA Awards and 2 JUNO Awards.

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Brett Kissel will be headlining Monday July 12th at 9:00pm.

The Reklaws

Stu and Jenna Walker from The Reklaws album art for Sophomore Slump

The Reklaws are such an exciting duo, and are so fun to watch perform live. These siblings have been performing together forever, and you can tell. On a stage, you can tell they know each other so well and they’re voices sound perfect together.

This year the duo released a single, “Can’t Help Myself” with their long time country music hero, Dean Brody along with the hit single, “Where I’m From”. They were also nominated for Group of the Year at the 2020 JUNO Awards marking the first time in over 20-years that a Country group was included in the category. 

Catch this sibling duo on Tuesday July 13th at 9:00pm at the Nashville North stage.

James Barker Band

James Barker Band

James Barker Band are an enormous success to come from the Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase competition. They won the competition and have been making waves since their debut single “Lawnchair Lazy”.

They recently made the move to Nashville with a shiny new record deal, They are repositioning themselves, many miles from their hometowns. The opportunities for this band are limitless … but the band remains grounded in their small-town roots.

James Barker Band Will be headlining the Nashville North stage on Wednesday July 14th at 9:00pm.

Jojo Mason

Jojo Mason is another artist who is just so nice … an all around good guy. He proclaims to live that “hug-life” … because wherever he goes, he always has an infectious smile across his face, and hugging someone.

Where Mason shines brightest is in showcasing the dynamic, relatable layers of relationships through his sparkling vocals and larger than life, vibrant personality, and he is more than happy to continue providing the soundtrack for love in all capacities.

Be sure to check out Jojo Mason on Thursday July 15th at 9:00pm

Jade Eagleson

Canadian Country Artist Jade Eagleson

So far, 2021 has been a good year for Jade Eagleson! His latest single “All Night To Figure It Out” has recently hit number 1 at the Canadian country radio charts.

After only 4 singles released to radio, Jade currently has over 140 million global streams. Since the success of his first EP, which garnered a pair of gold-certified singles (“Got Your Name On It” & “Count The Ways”), along with a #1 at Canadian Country Radio, Jade is on track to have the most streamed album globally by a Canadian Country Artist in the past 10 years.

Jade Eagleson will be headlining the Calgary Stampede on Friday July 16th at 9:15pm.

The Washboard Union

These three are among the most decorated country groups in Canadian country history. Their 3-part harmonies are flawless, and their stage presence is just as perfect. You need to see them perform live!

They will be releasing new music very soon. “We’re pretty positive people by nature,” Chris says. “We often hear that our music gives people hope, and that’s probably the thing that unites the songs on this album. There are rallying cries, but there’s also a lot of personal stuff too. If we’re able to put into words things that people sometimes aren’t able to say, then that’s a huge accomplishment.”

Canada’s favourite country trio The Washboard Union will be playing the Nashville North stage on Saturday July 17th at 9:15pm.

Gord Bamford

Gord Bamford's new album Neon Smoke

Gord Bamford is Canada’s leading country artists, and has been for a couple decades. He has won an impressive 26 Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) awards, multi JUNO nominations and the only two-time winner of Nashville’s Country Music Association (CMA) Global Country Artist of the Year award.

It is his distinctive sound and songwriting ability that defines Gord Bamford as one of country music’s best neotraditional artists. Like so many others that have come before him, Bamford is just not an overnight success. He has spent the better part of the last 20 years honing his craft & working hard to get where he is today.

Gord Bamford is closing out the entire Calgary Stampede on Sunday July 18th at 8:30pm.

Other Artists Playing the Calgary Stampede

  • Drew Gregory
  • Garrett Gregory
  • Foxx Worthee
  • Sacha
  • Karac Hendriks
  • Tyler Joe Miller
  • Doc Walker
  • Ben Chase
  • Michela Sheedy
  • Nate Haller
  • Lauren Mayell
  • JayWalker
  • Bobby Wills
  • Alex Hughes
  • Devin Cooper
  • Shawn Austin
  • Aaron Pollock
  • Robyn Ottolini
  • Ryan Lindsay
  • Mariya Stokes
  • Cole Malone
  • Dan Davidson
  • Nice Horse
  • Kelsi Mayne
  • Andrew Hyatt

Buy Tickets For 2021 Nashville North At The Calgary Stampede

The tickets for the Calgary Stampede are going to be a hot commodity this year. People in Alberta … well across the country … are tired of being stuck at home. The idea of being able to see live music and experience Canada’s iconic Stampede has people very excited.

Tickets are available now, and can be found on the Calgary Stampede website.

Keep following us here to stay up to date with all the news coming from the Calgary Stampede.


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