Nicole Rayy Releases Heartfelt Single “Sad Song”

Nicole Rayy releases new single "Sad Song"

In these crazy times we’re living in, we don’t always have access to the things that comfort us and make us happy … like LIVE MUSIC! Sometimes all we need is to listen to some comforting, cathartic sad songs. And that’s the message that Nicole Rayy beautifully captures in her latest, “Sad Song”.

The southern Ontario born artist Nicole Rayy shines on her new single “Sad Song”. It’s a soothing, introspective ballad about how listening to a sad song is sometimes the only thing you need to feel better.

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Of the song, Rayy says “I know this is a special song we can all relate to. There is no better medicine when you’re hurting than a sad song. That feeling of knowing that someone understands you and your pain. This song perfectly encompasses those feelings of needing a sad song more than anything else to comfort you.”

And yet, while it’s called “Sad Song”, the song itself is not dark and gloomy. It’s an endearing, almost empowering slow-tempo anthem that has your head nodding in agreement when Nicole sings lines such as “who needs a sunny day, to chase the blues away, sometimes all that you want is to hear a sad song”.


The message of the song is successfully conveyed due to the absolutely stunning emotion in Rayy’s voice. A stellar vocalist, the controlled, subtle vulnerability and sadness in her voice perfectly captures the story and feeling of something we can all relate to.

Following up her most recent hit “Broken Boys” and fresh off her recent Female Artist of the Year nomination at the 2020 CMAO Awards, this single  marks a stirring start to 2021 for Rayy. And while she sings of the virtues of needing comfort during some sad times, as one of most exciting talents in the Canadian Country music scene, I’m sure there are many happy days ahead for her.

Stream “Sad Song” By Nicole Rayy

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Scott Sykes - Contributor for Front Porch Music
Scott Sykes

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