Paige Rutledge’s New Single “Broken Record”

Paige Rutledge's latest single "Broken Record"

“Broken Record” is out today, and is the latest single from Oakville, Ontario’s Paige Rutledge. It’s a fun song that’s gonna be on repeat for a while.

Cutting through the airwaves with a pop-country blended track, Rutledge delivers “Broken Record with clear cut vocals and catchy upbeat instrumentals. Exploring a little outside of her traditional acoustic country style, Rutledge packages the lyrics of a not-so-great story with a leading drum, to deliver a track that will get listeners up and dancing.

“Broken Record” is just that … the same old story, going in circles of a relationship that isn’t working, but neither partner is willing to break the cycle. Relatable to many, “Broken Record” reminds listeners that sometimes relationships aren’t meant to rekindle, and people can fall into the same familiar patterns when getting back together.

About the song, Paige says: “I immediately fell in love with the song. I knew it had to be my next single.” And we can see why.

“Broken Record” is the first song Rutledge has put out that she hasn’t actually written. It was a new experience, but when the song was first pitched to her, she connected with it and conveyed her personality so naturally.

“If there were a song that could take the words right out of my mouth with what was going on in my life over the last year and a half, it’s ‘Broken Record’.”

While she loves a sad song and a twangy country ballad as much as any of us do, Rutledge was able to explore more of herself as a performer through “Broken Record” through her process of making it her own. While it’s unlike what she’s put out in the past, Rutledge was able to showcase her flexibility in immersing herself in the country-pop crossover. She feels really good about expanding outside of the mould that she’s set for herself up to this point.

“Broken Record” gave Rutledge an opportunity to take something and play with it and have fun with it. She got to make something her own, as opposed to having a concept, writing a song, and that being set as she went to record. She was really able to explore and share her feelings.

This single was written by Canadian songwriters, Emma Lee, Kira Isabella, and Karen Kosowski.

You can listen to “Broken Record” today! Be sure to stream it on Apple Music and Spotify, or wherever you get your music.

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Stream “Broken Record” by Paige Rutledge

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