Ryan Connolly’s Single “Riding This Town” Is Inspired By This Iconic Country Artist

Ryan Connolly's debut single "Riding This Town"

Hockey-player turned country singer, Ryan Connolly’s debut single “Riding This Town” is out everywhere today. This single is set to turn some heads, and is heavily influenced by a famous country artist.

His first release as a solo artist, Connolly tips his hat to country superstar Jason Aldean but also pays homage to the artist and his ability to blend a new country feel with solid rock hooks, with a splash of hip hop.

“I’m telling it through a country story and country themes, but the body of work and music that’s inside is composed of classic and alt rock, mixed with country.”

An avid music fan, Connolly grew up listening to punk rock and that’s really the genre that turned him on to music. He worked his way through classic rock and metal, and somehow found his way to country. He’s a big fan of 90s and 00s country music.

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An Aldean fan himself, Connolly decided to pull together some famous Aldean titles to tell a story.

“Riding This Town” is about a guy and his love for freedom, horsepower, and a particular woman.”

Connolly hopes that the hip-hop influenced, rock-country track will resonate with listeners who are fans of Jason Aldean and Eric Church. Listeners can expect a heavy electric guitar and punchy lyrics that pair well with the sound and vibe Connolly is aiming for.

You can listen to Ryan Connolly’s debut solo-single wherever you find your music – how many Jason Aldean references can you find in the song?

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