Ryan Connolly Is Set To Turn Heads In The Canadian Country Industry

Ryan Connolly

Ryan Connolly is celebrating the release of his debut solo-single, “Riding This Town.” As listeners get acquainted with Connolly’s punchy rock-country style, we decided it would be a great time to introduce him to the Front Porch!

Ryan Connolly has always played guitar, however, singing wasn’t something he took seriously. What he did invest his time and commitment in was hockey. Connolly originally headed to the United States on scholarship for hockey. But three knee surgeries and three years later, he was really shut down from pursuing hockey.

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Channeling the energy and determination he put into his favourite sport, he turned back to his guitar. He began to write and play again.

Connolly was part of the Mudslingers, whose single “Devil’s Ways” garnered radio success in 2015. The band did a radio tour, opened for Aaron Pritchett, Cold Creek County and others, and released two follow up singles. The band decided to go their own way. but Connolly still wanted to put his all into music and take it as far as possible.

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After a minor setback in his personal life, Connolly reconnected with his creative side, and set out to writing.

“I’ve always had a good idea of how to put a song together structurally,” Ryan says, “and I’ve always been pretty decent with words.”

Ryan Connolly

Connolly got connected with Canadian rock icon Rob Laidlaw and they began writing together. After spending much of his time writing solo, Connolly and Laidlaw were able to collaborate effortlessly.

Punk rock music was Connolly’s first taste of music he really loved. He’s also a fan of classic rock and metal, and country music fell into the mix somewhere along the line as well.

Combining Connolly’s love for punk rock and his natural affinity for 90s and 00s country, with Laidlaw’s history as a rock and roll legend, the two have created an edgy, rock-country sound.

His writing style is storytelling, and the country genre is a great place to tell stories that connect with listeners easily.

Stream "Riding This Town" By Ryan Connolly

“You can tell a story that’s straight to the point and it will hit you in the right place.”

Connolly has spent the last two years going through the songs he’s developed, narrowing it down to seven songs and a cover that will compose his first EP.

Make sure to check out Ryan Connolly’s debut single, “Riding This Town,” his tribute to one of his musical influences, Jason Aldean.

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