SACHA Continues Her Success With New EP “We Did”

Sacha's New EP "We Did"

It’s a good time to be SACHA.

Coming off a banner 2021, where not only was she named one of Front Porch Music’s 9 Canadian Country Country Artists to Watch, she was also a member of CMT’s Next Women of Country 2021 Class.

And she doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

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After most recently joining the The Reklaws on “What The Truck”, the fastest Canadian country song to reach gold-certification in the streaming era, she helped close out last years CCMA Awards with a triumphant performance of the viral hit.

And now it’s time for some new music!

About SACHAs EP We Did

One listen to her latest offering, the single “We Did”, off a recently released 4 song EP of the same name, and it’s very easy to see why there’s so much excitement around her. 

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“We Did” is a practically perfect pop-country song.

Starting with a driving drumbeat and lightly strummed guitars, it immediately hooks you and gets your toes tapping.  With a delicate voice, SACHA conjures up images of young, exciting love in a small country town as she starts the story. 

But that delicate voice easily changes to a triumphant, powerhouse vocal with the almost chant-like, fist-pumping chorus: “We didn’t know any better, wouldn’t care if we did.  Didn’t know we had forever, but we did.” 

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What’s also refreshing about this song is that it’s not about a young, lost love, but of a love everlasting. The bridge states “They say young love doesn’t last forever, but we did” before building to the rousing final chorus. It’s truly a song that will put you in a good mood immediately.  

The other 3 songs on We Did, do an excellent job of showcasing SACHA’s versatility.

The fun and clever track “If I Wanted Wine” is a rockier, almost bluesy tune about how she’s had enough of another persons complaining about the results of their own actions. “I’ve heard enough, of what’s on your mind….I’d open up my own bottle, baby, if I wanted wine!” She sings with a snarky fierceness. I’m sure a lot of us can relate.

The set takes a slow turn with the beautiful and powerful “Pretty Please”.  The vulnerability in SACHA’s voice is what makes this song, about trying to do your best to overcome insecurities, truly shine.  With moments of sadness, the song ends on an empowering message about believing in yourself. 

Sacha performing at the 2021 CMAO Awards
? – Grant Martin Photography

The EP closes out with the previously mentioned, record breaking  “What the Truck” with The Reklaws.

One trait of a great country singer is the ability to make the listener believe in the stories they’re singing about, and I can safely say that SACHA does that excellently with this diverse set of songs. 

You can tell she’s just as comfortable singing a heartfelt ballad as she is an electrifying banger, and the listener is with her every step of the way.  

Even though she’s only been on the Canadian country scene for a handful of years, with this release it’s clear to see why SACHA is one of Canada’s fastest rising country stars.

It’s a great start to her year, and with an upcoming tour across the US with Maddie & Tae, as well as a debut full length album coming in the fall, 2022 could be another record breaking year for SACHA.

And we can’t wait to watch all her success!

Stream We Did by SACHA

Scott Sykes - Contributor for Front Porch Music
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